Thursday, September 4, 2014

8-24-2014 Big holiday week.

Hi everyone!
    Okay. So first off, "S" did not get baptized this week, but she is getting baptized on September 6th, and she is just raging forward. Keep praying for her! She is doing so good and prayers help so much!
    Okay. Transfers. I am so excited! Elder Simmons and I are staying together and we are going into a tripanionship with Elder Barbour. He is super cool. It is going to be a party! I am so excited! We will blow Szekesfehvar off the water. It is going to be great!
     Cool things from this week: These last couple of weeks we have been doing Temple Prep with a member that is going to the Temple. This Sunday he got back from his week-long trip and he said, "one week is too short. I wish I could go there forever." Guys. We need to be like these saints. This poor man dedicated and consecrated his time and his money and his everything to prepare to go to the Temple and he had the most beautiful experience. We should be doing stuff like this even more with a Temple of our God so close to us. Please, please, please, please go to the Temple. I miss the Temple so much it hurts. Please use and access that blessing.
     Other than that, this week was August 20th-a big holiday here-and it was fun. Kinda lame as far as our work and stuff goes, but fun.
     I am so out of time! I am so sorry. Have a good day. I love you all so much.
        Sok szeretettel,
            Neely Elder.
Okay, so there was this Christian singing group, and we
went and stood by them, because we were wearing white
shirts and ties too! #mormonprobs

Trapped while tracting #szokasos

The four scoop challenge!

Random hot air balloon in front of our branch house.

Fun with members.

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