Monday, January 27, 2014


Hello from the Hungaria Lands!
      This week was a little rough, but all is well :) I am doing sooooo good! I got the pictures from Sasha, thank you! I also got my birthday present! Thank you so much! It is absolutely perfect! I am planning on making waffles this week and I will be using my apron all the time! I was actually thinking this last week that I really should get an apron, so I don't get so much stuff on me! Brilliant!! :) Thank you so much! I can't believe Elder Chris! is home! That is so crazy. It seems not very long ago that he went out. Crazy.
      Okay, so I have some pretty good stories to tell you this week:
       1. SNOW. IT FINALLY CAME AND IT CAME WITHOUT MERCY. On Thursday we woke up to a blizzard. Not a joke. I mean, to everyone that lives in Hungary it was pretty normal, but in ONE DAY it snowed probably as much as St.Georg has seen in the last 30 years. RIDICULOUS. So the snow isn't bad when it is just on the ground, but when it is in the process of falling, it sucks. That Thursday, it did not stop falling and it was just terrible. That day definitely sucked. Included in that day was when one of the trees that we were walking under dumped all of its snow on us. Not very fun.
        2. Due to the snow, there is now ice on the ground. Last night, I slipped and fell on the ice. JAJGATAS.(this translates to WAIL!) According to Elder Brown, it was pretty graceful. The funny part was the fact that I had my hands in my pockets and in my pockets I store my pass-along cards so when I went down, it began to rain my Book of Mormon pass-along cards LOL.
        3. On a better note, this week we have done a LOT of tracting. One of those times, we went to a house and no one answered. So we went on to the next house and no one came out, but out of the previous house came a decrepit Neni. I proceeded to talk to her for about 30 minutes (the Neni's really, really, like to talk) and while she was talking, I look behind her and behind her gate is her dog, which was trying TO GNAW THROUGH THE GATE. The dog was crazy. I am pretty sure this dog has been a problem before, because she thought we were the "Kutya Rendorseg" Which is like the dog police LOL.
       4. This weekend we had a Palacsinta Parti (pancake party) that was pretty crazy. #badplanning But, while making pancakes I got to hang out with a kid named Peti. He is super cool. We played tic-tac-toe and hangman :) It was fun.
       5. Because of the Snow, we made a snowman :)
       6. This Sunday, we were tracting and a door was opened. The guy told us to just continue on and in like three minutes he would come down and talk to us. Well, he did come down, but it was in the middle of us tracting someone else! So he just passed us, but he came down the staircase carrying a tripod! He was dressed just as I would. It was super funny, because he was basically me, just Hungarian. So we just finished the building we were in and started to leave, then he runs up to us and asks if we can help him push his car out of the icy driveway. Of course we do (with the help of two other strangers). So now, he owes us and we will be coming back to talk with him in a couple of days :)
      7. This week I had a couple of moments where I just was blown away by the ridiculousness of my life right now. Here are some of my favorites from this week: 1. Carrying a microwave through the blizzard on Thursday to help out a member. 2. The Cops coming to shut down our Palacsinta Parti because our neighbors thought we were "too loud" (spoiler alert: we weren't). When the cops came they saw that we were leaving and that most of us were 60+ years old. That was awkward for the cops. 3. A German couple that lives in our branch boundaries gave a talk that was translated from German into English then into Hungarian. WOW. So many languages.
      So yeah. That was my week :) It was pretty good. We have had a lot of fun and a lot of snow :)  I hope you all have a good week and I hope you can find the wonderful things in your lives!
      I want you all to know that this Gospel is true. True is a word we throw around a lot. I think that true means that when we test it, it does not fail. That is exactly what I have experienced. In happy moments, in my sad moments, in the moments when I am on top of the world, and in the moments when I feel like I cannot go further, this Gospel, Jesus Christ, prayer, reading the scriptures, they really do help. It is not just a thing people do. It is not just a mystical thing. This is real. That is what truth is. Truth is real and this Gospel is real.
Jesus Christ is real. The love that He has for each of us and the love that our Heavenly Father has for us is real. It is real and powerful and everlasting and endless. I know we can always turn to Him. Always. I love you all. I love you all so much and I pray for you every night.
      Sok szeretettel,
           Neely Elder
The snow finally came.
This is the main Church here in
Kaposvar. BEAUTIFUL!
SNOW! This is the snowman that we made.
I had to wear some weird clothes to stay warm for Sunday
night's dinner with the other Elders.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

GOOD week!!

Hey guys!
      What is up? Mizu? So this week has been great! Like absolutely, ridiculously good. So good, I am going to use a list again :)
      1. So don't remember if I told you this story before, but a couple of days ago, we tracted into a family of deaf people! (Exciting to us, because our family served a three year mission in a deaf branch when Neely Elder was younger.)  A lady answered and I started with my usual, "Jo napot kivanok! En meg a baratom vegzunk egy kozvelemeny kutatas. Feltehetnenk egy par kerdest onnek?" And then the woman just did not understand and then made gestures to show us that she was actually deaf. Then she called her husband in to see if he could understand. He was deaf too. He thought we were cops. We quickly gestured that we were not cops. Then they called in their son...who was also deaf. We at least gave them a Jesus pass-along card. JAJ
      2. The other day, we went shopping at Tesco (kind of like Walmart, but not as good, but still pretty good) and we got supplies for our Sunday diner. Well the bag broke, HOWEVER we had eggs in the bag and they did not break! #tendermercy
      3. We were streeting the other day and then we heard a guy yelling. We look across the street and this drunk (seriously, he was super hammered) guy was yelling at this man and the man just decked him right in the face! The drunk guy fell over and then just started yelling all sorts of profanities back at him. Yeah. Eventful. DON'T DRINK KIDS. ALCOHOL IS BAD FOR YOU.
      4. This past Saturday there was an American football tournament in Kaposvar. Elder Brow was dying to see it, so we stopped by to see how they did. They did really well surprisingly, but the cool part was at the beginning, they played the Hungarian National Anthem. It was so, so beautiful. Everyone was silent. In Hungary, they are not rowdy like we are. When the National Anthem was playing and when it finished, it was just absolutely SILENT. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.
      5. Later in the week we went tracting and we got let in by an older woman. She let us in and we saw her 80 something old father who was basically on his death bed. I have these weird kind of out of body experiences sometimes when I realize that I am doing something very special. Where I kind of take a step back from myself and realize that this is a very beautiful thing that I get to experience. As this woman just let us in on all of her problems and let us know about how she was doing and as we left her by praying for them specifically by was a very beautiful moment. Sometimes, I think the Lord gives me moments like that to remind me that there is a reason I am here and I can not loose sight of it. I cannot loose sight of it and I cannot forget that it is only through Him that I can accomplish it.
     This week has been good. Elder Brown and I were told that we were planned to go other places, but at the last minute they prayed about it and they felt that we should stay. This week, from multiple  experiences besides just these ones, we found out why. It is a beautiful thing that we have revelation, that we have leadership, that we have the knowledge that God speaks today! That He has once again revealed His will to His children.
      I love all of you so much and I hope you have the best of weeks ever!
         Sok szeretettel,
            Neely Elder
This translates: Answer 42 
Man Toilet LOLOLOL!

The football game

A HUGE limo.

Elder Brown with one of the football players from the Zala Team.

Oh yeah, I hemmed some pants! LOL

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Elder Neely's Independence Day!

     Thank you for all the birthday wishes everybody! It means a lot and it made/makes my birthday that much better :) My birthday was really good actually. However, I will answer some questions first and then talk about my week.
     I did get my package! Well...wait...the Christmas one? It is is different than that, then I haven't gotten it, but I did get my Christmas one and it was fantastic. I also got Aunt Becky's package. It was fantastic and that also made my birthday great. More on that later. Oh and I can NEVER get sick of Reese's. They don't exist here. So yeah. I am all for them!
     TRANSFERS: Okay so a couple of crazy things happened in this transfer. We really get into transferology here. So: 1. Elder Brown and I are staying together! It was a pleasant surprise for both of us. We thought for sure one of us would be leaving. I am super happy, because I just love Elder Brown. Such a stellar guy. 2. Elder Giacalone is leaving and going to Kecskemet. He will be serving around Mullen Elder! Not with him, just around him. In Giacalone's place, we are getting Elder Sterri. He was Brown Elder's companion in the MTC. So obviously, we have a stacked district now. 3. This transfer a lot of really random people trained. Usually, the trainers of the greenies are the oldest group of missionaries that have not trained yet. Half of the trainers in the group were like two group younger and the older ones that seemed like they would train didn't. THIS IS WHY TRANSFERS ARE JUST SO DANG EXCITING!
       Now, to answer more of your questions. I have heard so much about this Frozen movie! It must be good. Also, I am so glad you saw Warm Bodies! It is so good.
       I have seen the pictures that you sent me last time! Pictures on the computer or in real life are both good for me! I like either or :)
      Now for this week. This week has been rather normal, but I have some pretty cool stories from Sunday, but it really starts on Friday. On Friday, Elder Brown and I went tracting and we knocked into this nice lady that seemed interested in English Class. Since we didn't have any English Class fliers, we just gave her a pass-along card with a picture of Jesus on the front so that she could have our number. Well above our numbers it also said that we held Church. So guess who showed up to church on Sunday? None other than that woman. She said that she kept looking at the card and felt like she needed to come to church. She didn't even care about English Class. IT WAS ONE OF THOSE COOL MIRACLE MOMENTS. This is the Lord's work. It was awesome.
     After church, we got a phone call that said that one of the Church member's daughter had went missing. We booked out of our apartment and scoured the city for her. Luckily, they found her, and all is well, so that was awesome.
     Later, we were making dinner and Elder Brown fell over while checking the Rakott Krumpli. It was so funny, we died laughing.
     Then it was my birthday! We had a pancake breakfast with the Colledges, then as we were leaving our apartment and saying a prayer, Elder Brown said; "We are grateful to celebrate Elder Neely's Independence day from the womb." HAHAHAHAHA it was so funny! He is such a champ.
     So for my birthday (but really, because Elder Brown had an appointment in Budapest) I got to go to Budapest :) which means I got to pick up mail and packages. WOOHOO!! It was great. It turned out to be a really stellar birthday. Probably one of my favorites :)
     So yeah. That was my day :) It was super great. We had a great week and now I get to stay in Kaposvar with Brown Elder. Things are looking good :) I love you all!! Thank you all for all your prayers and support of every kind!
    Sok szeretettel,
      Neely Elder
P.S. Sorry, no pictures this week. This computer is much too ghetto.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Boldog uj evet!

Boldog uj evet!
     As for our week, we have had a really good one! On Monday, we had to go on a little trip to Pecs. That was fun. We just kind of hung out and ate Burger King (AMERICAN FOOD SO GOOD)!
     On Tuesday (New Year's Eve) we went over to the Colledges and had pizza (healthy meal streak:2) and then we watched "17 Miracles" with them. It was pretty fun. It was nice to just have a nice chill day.
     That night we watched the fireworks that were actually impressively good and set to Linsley Sterling music? LOL. Also, lots of drunk people. We counted how many people peed on the art museum in front of our apartment (13 LOL). It was super funny. It was so hard to go to sleep that night. Everything was so loud. SO LOUD.
     The next day (Wednesday, New Year's Day in case you were wondering) we just woke up and chilled for a while and then went on a nice walk with the other Elders. We played on the zip line in the park (that is meant for obviously younger and lighter children hahahaha). We went on a walk. Jaj. We sound like old people hahahaha. Then we had a sajt night. Sajt night is where we bread pieces of cheese and deep fry it (healthy meal streak: 3). That was super fun :)
     The next day we went out to a member's falu that was super far out (like forty-five minutes by car) and we only knew we were going to do something with firewood, but we didn't quite know what. I assumed we would be chopping fire wood. NOT SO. WE CHOPPED DOWN A LEGITIMATE FOREST. WE WERE LUMBERJACKS IT WAS SO MUCH FUN BUT NOT REALLY. Hahahahah we had a good time, but I am definitely glad that I am not a lumberjack and that I have not wood powered heat. Because that was not necessarily the funnest thing I have done. Oh and for lunch we did this thing where they give you a piece of pig fat (about an inch thick) and roast it over a fire ad drip the fat drippings on a piece of bread and then eat the bread and the "bacon" when it is cooked (healthy meal streak: 4). So that was fun :) Oh and the forest was next to a hill ad that hill looks exactly like the hill from the Windows XP desktop hahahaha.
     Yeah. The rest of the days were just nice normal missionary work that we enjoyed nicely :) The only funny or interesting thing that happened this week was on Sunday.  We had a lot of people there again, specifically children. One of the kids got his head stuck in a chair right before the Sacrament started. IT WAS SO FUNNY. I mean, in the moment, everybody kind of freaked out and was trying to help, but looking back on it, it was so dang funny.
      Besides that, it was a pretty hectic, crazy week, but rather boring. We are looking forward to this week so much, because it will be ABSOLUTELY NORMAL. Nothing crazy. We are super stoked for that.
      Well, I hope you all have the greatest week ever! I love you all so much and I hope you have a wonderful day!
       Sok szeretettel,
          Neely Elder
There is a long story as to why I am 1. In a hipster shirt.
2. Why I am wearing pajama bottoms. and 3. Why I am
wearing two mismatched patterns. Suffice it to say,
my pants were wet!

Sajt Night! Elders Giacalone, Brown and Gould.

So because I had a lot of mud on my shoes, I left some
tracks outside of our apartment. So our neighbors
left a message and a broom to sweep it up.

My Bocsi (Sorry) note.

A really pretty view from one of our investigator's house.