Monday, January 6, 2014

Boldog uj evet!

Boldog uj evet!
     As for our week, we have had a really good one! On Monday, we had to go on a little trip to Pecs. That was fun. We just kind of hung out and ate Burger King (AMERICAN FOOD SO GOOD)!
     On Tuesday (New Year's Eve) we went over to the Colledges and had pizza (healthy meal streak:2) and then we watched "17 Miracles" with them. It was pretty fun. It was nice to just have a nice chill day.
     That night we watched the fireworks that were actually impressively good and set to Linsley Sterling music? LOL. Also, lots of drunk people. We counted how many people peed on the art museum in front of our apartment (13 LOL). It was super funny. It was so hard to go to sleep that night. Everything was so loud. SO LOUD.
     The next day (Wednesday, New Year's Day in case you were wondering) we just woke up and chilled for a while and then went on a nice walk with the other Elders. We played on the zip line in the park (that is meant for obviously younger and lighter children hahahaha). We went on a walk. Jaj. We sound like old people hahahaha. Then we had a sajt night. Sajt night is where we bread pieces of cheese and deep fry it (healthy meal streak: 3). That was super fun :)
     The next day we went out to a member's falu that was super far out (like forty-five minutes by car) and we only knew we were going to do something with firewood, but we didn't quite know what. I assumed we would be chopping fire wood. NOT SO. WE CHOPPED DOWN A LEGITIMATE FOREST. WE WERE LUMBERJACKS IT WAS SO MUCH FUN BUT NOT REALLY. Hahahahah we had a good time, but I am definitely glad that I am not a lumberjack and that I have not wood powered heat. Because that was not necessarily the funnest thing I have done. Oh and for lunch we did this thing where they give you a piece of pig fat (about an inch thick) and roast it over a fire ad drip the fat drippings on a piece of bread and then eat the bread and the "bacon" when it is cooked (healthy meal streak: 4). So that was fun :) Oh and the forest was next to a hill ad that hill looks exactly like the hill from the Windows XP desktop hahahaha.
     Yeah. The rest of the days were just nice normal missionary work that we enjoyed nicely :) The only funny or interesting thing that happened this week was on Sunday.  We had a lot of people there again, specifically children. One of the kids got his head stuck in a chair right before the Sacrament started. IT WAS SO FUNNY. I mean, in the moment, everybody kind of freaked out and was trying to help, but looking back on it, it was so dang funny.
      Besides that, it was a pretty hectic, crazy week, but rather boring. We are looking forward to this week so much, because it will be ABSOLUTELY NORMAL. Nothing crazy. We are super stoked for that.
      Well, I hope you all have the greatest week ever! I love you all so much and I hope you have a wonderful day!
       Sok szeretettel,
          Neely Elder
There is a long story as to why I am 1. In a hipster shirt.
2. Why I am wearing pajama bottoms. and 3. Why I am
wearing two mismatched patterns. Suffice it to say,
my pants were wet!

Sajt Night! Elders Giacalone, Brown and Gould.

So because I had a lot of mud on my shoes, I left some
tracks outside of our apartment. So our neighbors
left a message and a broom to sweep it up.

My Bocsi (Sorry) note.

A really pretty view from one of our investigator's house.

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