Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year!

      IT WAS SO GOOD TO TALK TO YOU GUYS! Seriously, it was like the best thing in the world. It was so good that the high lasted for like days. It was just so good! Okay. Now as for my week, it has been absolutely stellar. I will try to get out most of it :)
      So on Christmas Eve, Elder Brown and I went on a bike ride. Super random, but it was so dang fun :) We rode bikes all over the place. We went out to a lake and that was fun. Elder Brown wrecked and it was just a fun time.
      Then I made Paprikas Csirke for all the Elders in our district for our Christmas Eve dinner. Super good if I do say so myself.
      Before I went to bed, my "father" Elder Mullen, called me up and read two Christmas stories before I went to bed :) It was super nice. He is a stellar dad :)
      On Christmas, we kind of just chilled. I opened my presents (thank you everyone who sent me a package! You all deserve awards!!) and we chilled at the Senior Couple's (the Colledge's) house. We ate lunch and then  WE GOT TO TALK AND IT WAS SO GOOD! Then I made hot chocolate (holler at Meredith, thanks for the recipe).
      Then the next couple of days were pretty normal. We got to visit some really cool and great people. One family we met with was really quite poor. However, it was very inspiring to be able to see how: 1. They were happy. Even though they had basically nothing. 2. They were so grateful for what they had. 3. They just loved their little family. It was super cool.
      Also, funny language mishap this week: So I was calling this lady and I said, "Jo estet! Kati-t kivanok!" which translates to, "Good evening! I wish Kati to you!" It was super funny.
      So this Sunday is the super fun day. So we get to Church with one of our investigators (who has a baby) and we arrive to find 41 people there. There are two families there who have between them about 13 kids. CRAAAAZY. SO MANY KIDS IT WAS SO AWESOME :) Then a German guy (he and his wife speak absolutely like no Hungarian, but they come faithfully every week) blessed the Sacrament in Hungarian. Super cool....but also a little comical :) Then afterwards there was a member that totally dissed on the others food that she had made(LOLOLOL). Then there were babies being passed around everywhere. One lady said, "Talaltam egy babat!" LOL that means "Look, I found a baby!" LOL Yeah, so Sunday was just crazy fun.
     Yeah, this week was just super fun and I hope everything was just fantastic with all of you this week! I love you all so much and I hope you all have a wonderful day!
     Sok szeretettel,
         Neely Elder

Bike ride time! Brown Elder
My new necklace from Giacalone's Grandma

CRASH! lol  He was okay.

I don't know what this is...but we thought it was funny.

Yeah, a pigeon pooped on me! CURSE YOU BLASTED
Brown Elder

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