Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boldog Karacsonyt mindenkinek!

      Merry Christmas to everybody! This week has been so stellar! So many adventures this week.

  • This week we attended an investigator's birthday party. Little did we know that she was expecting us to be the entertainment! We kind of looked around and were like...well...what do we do? LOL it was funny. 
  • We have this investigator and the last time she met with us her "Crazy Sister" (her words, not mine) was over. During that time, said sister invited us over to her house to meet with her as well. We said okay and noted where it was. Then next time we met with our investigator, she asked us like fifteen times, "Please, please don't go over there! You are good people and those people will not do good things to you!" It was rather terrifying, but at the same time, kind of reassuring, because it was nice to know that our investigator really cared about us.
  • On the way to a program, we went into the building we were supposed to be going into and hit the elevator button. It came down and some people were in it so we stepped aside to let them out. The man and woman that came out said, "Bocs, pakoltunk a liftet." Which means "Sorry, we packed the elevator." I thought like, there were a lot of people in there or something, but instead the man proceeded to take out the complete furnishings for a bathroom and kitchen from the elevator. SO MUCH STUFF. It  took them like ten minutes. Super funny. They were doing some remodeling or something. Also, just to put this into perspective, the elevator here are tiny. Like four or five feet (is that small? Because now that I type that, it seems big. Ugh! Curse my lack of spacial reasoning!).
  • So we have these investigators that were taught eons ago (well...mission eons ago, so like four years) and they were super stellar and the day before her baptism, they found out that she has a life partner and is not married. So they dropped her in the dust (bad move) and then we found her. Well, she is super awkward and she has a daughter that just hates us. So we had set up with her and we were at the building just kink of waiting because we were early and who comes around the corner? Her daughter that does not like us. So the lady (our investigator) just turns around and legit books it to a car and hides behind it (seriously?) and her daughter just kind of stands there. These two guys were with them (well...near them) and the guy was like, "Hey, do you know these guys in suits?" and the daughter was like, "Who are they? I have no idea who they are." And we were like "Where is P (our investigator)?" and the daughter was like "Who the heck is P?" and we were just kind of like, "We are done with this. Super awkward and just no. Awk. Rude." So then we just decided to stand there and the two guys are going in and he was like, "Who are you guys?" and we told him we were missionaries, and we thought he was making fun of us and he asked us, "What, did Jesus send you?" and we were like, "Actually, yes." Then they went inside. We just kind of chilled there for a few minutes just to see if P. would come back. The two guys came out again, and he asks us if we want some coffee. We say no, but we would love some water. He let us in and listened to our message and was totally open to everything. He is just a stellar guy :)
         Yeah, so this week has been good :) I am so excited for Christmas! I got all of the packages and everything! Thank you all so much! I haven't opened them yet because I want to open them on Christmas, but I am super excited for them.
          I love you all so much and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas time! Read Alma 7:11-13 and the words of the Hymn Jesus Once of Humble Birth! Those are really good for Christmas time, I think.
          I love you so MUCH!
          Boldog Karacsonyt mindenkinek, es mindenkinek jo ejszakat!
          Neely Elder
This is the Christmas tree I made!

This is a super creepy hospital. We went there to visit a
sick member that is in there. Super sketchy!

Our sink had some drain issues, so I did the dishes in the
bath tub. LOL #missionaryprobs #bachelorlife!

This says, "In this box, there are penguins" LOLOLOLOL

This guys name translates to "Thick Csaba" It sounds
super funny to me.LOL.

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