Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Dearest of Dearlies,
This week has been great. And short. And fast. And long. All at the same time. We are doing all sorts of things and it is madness. But we are having a great time.

We began this week by making plans for this transfer and basically, it will be the best transfer of my mission. This place is about to blow.  I am very excited for it all.

This week one of the members got put in the hospital, so we have been visiting them there. Hungarian hospitals are pretty sketch, but it was a nice little experience. Also, Sunday was really, really good. I had a wonderful time and the Spirit was strong as we all fasted and prayed together. So that was nice (someone please cringe with the anticlimax of this last statement).

Also, this week the Branch Presidency changed! The old Branch President was released and a new one was instated, so that should be fun. It was cool to see his face when they called him up. It was a good time.

This sounds terrible, but nothing else really happened this week. I forgot to bring all of my notes and stuff for emailing so this is going to sound really short and lame and jank, but whatever. Also, I don't even have pictures, because I didn't take any. Sorry, this really is a lame email.

Scripture thought that I think you might like: Alma 37:17. God keeps his promises, we just have to be patient.

Well, I love you all so much and I hope you have the best week of ever.

     Neely Elder.