Tuesday, December 10, 2013


     WOW. SNOW. SO MUCH SNOW AT HOME. That is so crazy. It sounds like you all had a fun time with the snow :) That is good, because it would have been stupid if you all didn't have fun :) It snowed so much that church was cancelled? That is just so crazy! The Colledges told me a little about it because they got an email from the lady taking care of their house. So that is cool. Oh and thank you for the pictures!! I love them.
      Okay. Now to answer some questions. I am doing so good today :) This has been a really good week. Though I have been having super weird dreams about coming home after my mission and forgetting everything that I did here. Weird, right?
      I did not get transferred! Elder Brown and I are staying together here in Kaposvar! We are super happy about it. The only change in our city is that Elder Quinton is now going Zone Leader in Kispest. Otherwise we are all the same :)
     Mikulas day was fun :) Nothing really crazy or different happened. The day before all the stores were super busy. LOL Hungary isn't much different than home :) Funny story. So Mikulas brings stuff and puts it into shoes. So I got Elder Brown his favorite candy bar and put it in his like house slipper things. Then in the middle of the night he gets up to go to the bathroom and tries to put his shoes on and totally can't because LOL U had sneakily put candy in it! HAHAHAHAHA.
     Okay, so like nothing really crazy happened this week, but we do have some really funny stories. So we will just go with those :)
      So we meet with this fifteen year old, and we were planning on meeting with him this week and then he just dogged us. Like super unexpectedly. So we call him and he is just like, "Yeah....I am busy." So later we are going back to the apartment and we almost RUN into him! We were walking behind him. Guess what he was doing? Walking and hanging out with some girls. *SIGH* typical teenager :) hahahahahaha it was super funny.
      Well actually, I was thinking about it and I have something that I want to tell you about. So a couple of weeks ago we met with a guy. He has met with the Jehovah's Witnesses before. He just kind of started railing on us and bashing our religion and it just kid of sucked, but then out of nowhere I just got this reassuring feeling and I just kind of sighed in relief, because I knew in that moment that I was doing the right thing. That I was supposed to be here and that I knew that what I was teaching was true, even if he didn't believe us and even if he thought we were wrong.
       Then, this week, we met with a different man. He had a stroke early in his life and decided to devote himself to the Teachings of Christ. Pretty cool, but sometimes he is just a little bit too intense. Hes is a nice guy though. Anyways, we decided to watch the Restoration Film with him. It is short. Only twenty minutes long. We are watching it and the part comes when Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appear to Joseph Smith. In that moment, I was thinking about a lot of things. What to say to this man, how to say it, what he needed to hear, what I was doing in Hungary, why I was here and then in the moment I had a similar experience. I knew in that moment, that if nothing else, if all else failed and everything turned out terrible and everything went to pot, I would still know that this is true. I would still have a testimony, that this really happened and that what I am teaching is true.
      The last part of this story happened on Saturday. We went tracting out in the middle of nowhere. It was practically in a forest. We went from house to house looking to see if anyone would answer us. No one did, until finally this man invited us up to his house. The house was one room, about the size of our kitchen at home. Maybe six feet by twelve. It was so tall. All he had was a bed, a heater, and a little drawer type thing. He has no family, because they all died. When asked what the purpose of life was, he answered, "To die." We asked what he thought was needed to be happy and he responded that happiness is found by drinking wine and working. I have never been more humbled then when I was sitting on a tiny bed and listening to this man describe his everyday life. As I listened, I could not get the words out of my head, "Because I have been given much, I too must give."
      I know that I am supposed to be here. I know that this message that I am here to share with the Magyarok is true. It is true. It has changed me and is who I am. I am so grateful that the Lord gave me this beautiful opportunity to do this. I could not do it without His support, nor without all of yours. I am so grateful for everything that He gives to me. Because I have been given much, I too must give. I love these people. I love these people. I love all those I have met. I love my friends in Sopron, I love the missionaries I get to serve with, I love all of our investigators. These people teach me so much. Things I could never learn without them.
      I encourage you to read the Book of Mormon. I encourage you to pray to God and ask Him if it is true. I know He will answer you. He answered me and that has changed my life into the most beautiful gift in the world. I am so thankful for that. I am so grateful for that. I know it can bless your life. Just try it.
      I hope you all have the best week in the world. I hope you find someone to love more. I hope you find opportunities to serve and help people. I promise it will make you happier than anything else possibly could :)
      I love you all so much!
           Sok szeretettel,
              Neely Elder.
Fun with the scarf.

Falu Blasting!

It's Christmas! *ding ding*

The extra blanket I got for my bed!

Giacalone Elder, got a haircut WITH a super
nice shampooing. Here he is. Caught in
the ecstasy of the moment! LOL

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