Tuesday, December 17, 2013

God does not send out Robots!

Hi there everyone!
      Okay, so sadly I have no really cool stories to tell you. Nothing crazy. Nothing kulonleges as we say here in Hungary. However, I do want to talk a little bit about something today.
      I would like to talk about missions. What they are. What they do. How they are. Etc.
      When I came on a mission, I did not know what to expect. Absolutely nothing. I think that is because for everyone a mission is very personal. It is different for everyone and it is special. However, there are some things that are the same for every mission everywhere.
      1. Missions are hard. I think that this is the fact that people speak the least about. Missions are not joy rides. They are not just a walk in the park. They are hard! Whether it be that all of your investigators all of a sudden fell off the face of the earth or that you only have four hours of cold contacting in a row planned or the fact that no one can understand you because weird languages or whatever it is. Missions are hard. This is a fact that needs to be embraced. It is not necessarily a bad thing either. If missions were not hard, they would not be as good. They would be lame, but because they are hard, they are the greatest thing ever. Also, in the difficulties, we come closer to God than in the easiness. Just ask the Nephites. Or the tribes of Israel. When things are easy, people forget about God.
      2. Missions are fun. I think this fact is also talked about very little. When you are on a mission, you have fun! Something that every missionary has to realize for him or herself is that God does not send out robots. He did not decide to just send out a bunch of pamphlets (though that would be more cost effective and sensible). He decided to send out you. Me. People. Humans. Because we live and make mistakes and laugh and have fun and live the Gospel. We are sent out as examples and if people don't see that we have fun...well who wants to be a part of a Gospel where we don't have fun? So smiling and laughing and making jokes and having a good time are part of a missionary too.
      3. Missions are a time for growth. In the above I made mention that missionaries make mistakes. Guess what. That is a real thing. I came on my mission with a bad misconception that I would be perfect. That I would go through the mission thing and then everything would be good. However, that is not true. This time is a pitri-dish. A time to get better. To make mistakes and correct them. To always get better.
      4. Missions are the greatest thing in the world :) I am so grateful to be on a mission. The experiences that happen here are worth more than anything in this world :) I love these people. That is the greatest blessing from a mission I think. It is the people. The companions, the investigators, the friends, the random people on the street and behind the doors. This is what makes a mission beautiful. This week I was talking with a woman who is not in a very happy situation in life. Everything is working against her. When she asked us why in the world we would want to be here I responded with, "We get to help people be happier. What is better than that?" In that moment, I realized the truth of what I was saying as I was saying it (yeah, that is a real thing). The Gospel of Jesus Christ makes us happy and I get to share that with others. What a great opportunity!
     So to all you people who are wondering whether or not to serve a mission. I give you my suggestion: DO IT. Even on the worst of days, I am still doing good. Even on the worst of days on a mission, it is still so good and the joy is still so sweet. So as we say here in Hungary: GYERTEK! SOK SZERETETTEL VARUK TITEKET! Join us! Join the fight for what is right! Join the cause of love! The cause in which you only gain, because Heavenly Father really loves to give :)
      I hope you all have a magnificent week and that everything goes well for you! I love you!
         Sok szeretettel,
            Neely Elder

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