Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Elder Neely's Independence Day!

     Thank you for all the birthday wishes everybody! It means a lot and it made/makes my birthday that much better :) My birthday was really good actually. However, I will answer some questions first and then talk about my week.
     I did get my package! Well...wait...the Christmas one? It is is different than that, then I haven't gotten it, but I did get my Christmas one and it was fantastic. I also got Aunt Becky's package. It was fantastic and that also made my birthday great. More on that later. Oh and I can NEVER get sick of Reese's. They don't exist here. So yeah. I am all for them!
     TRANSFERS: Okay so a couple of crazy things happened in this transfer. We really get into transferology here. So: 1. Elder Brown and I are staying together! It was a pleasant surprise for both of us. We thought for sure one of us would be leaving. I am super happy, because I just love Elder Brown. Such a stellar guy. 2. Elder Giacalone is leaving and going to Kecskemet. He will be serving around Mullen Elder! Not with him, just around him. In Giacalone's place, we are getting Elder Sterri. He was Brown Elder's companion in the MTC. So obviously, we have a stacked district now. 3. This transfer a lot of really random people trained. Usually, the trainers of the greenies are the oldest group of missionaries that have not trained yet. Half of the trainers in the group were like two group younger and the older ones that seemed like they would train didn't. THIS IS WHY TRANSFERS ARE JUST SO DANG EXCITING!
       Now, to answer more of your questions. I have heard so much about this Frozen movie! It must be good. Also, I am so glad you saw Warm Bodies! It is so good.
       I have seen the pictures that you sent me last time! Pictures on the computer or in real life are both good for me! I like either or :)
      Now for this week. This week has been rather normal, but I have some pretty cool stories from Sunday, but it really starts on Friday. On Friday, Elder Brown and I went tracting and we knocked into this nice lady that seemed interested in English Class. Since we didn't have any English Class fliers, we just gave her a pass-along card with a picture of Jesus on the front so that she could have our number. Well above our numbers it also said that we held Church. So guess who showed up to church on Sunday? None other than that woman. She said that she kept looking at the card and felt like she needed to come to church. She didn't even care about English Class. IT WAS ONE OF THOSE COOL MIRACLE MOMENTS. This is the Lord's work. It was awesome.
     After church, we got a phone call that said that one of the Church member's daughter had went missing. We booked out of our apartment and scoured the city for her. Luckily, they found her, and all is well, so that was awesome.
     Later, we were making dinner and Elder Brown fell over while checking the Rakott Krumpli. It was so funny, we died laughing.
     Then it was my birthday! We had a pancake breakfast with the Colledges, then as we were leaving our apartment and saying a prayer, Elder Brown said; "We are grateful to celebrate Elder Neely's Independence day from the womb." HAHAHAHAHA it was so funny! He is such a champ.
     So for my birthday (but really, because Elder Brown had an appointment in Budapest) I got to go to Budapest :) which means I got to pick up mail and packages. WOOHOO!! It was great. It turned out to be a really stellar birthday. Probably one of my favorites :)
     So yeah. That was my day :) It was super great. We had a great week and now I get to stay in Kaposvar with Brown Elder. Things are looking good :) I love you all!! Thank you all for all your prayers and support of every kind!
    Sok szeretettel,
      Neely Elder
P.S. Sorry, no pictures this week. This computer is much too ghetto.

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