Monday, January 27, 2014


Hello from the Hungaria Lands!
      This week was a little rough, but all is well :) I am doing sooooo good! I got the pictures from Sasha, thank you! I also got my birthday present! Thank you so much! It is absolutely perfect! I am planning on making waffles this week and I will be using my apron all the time! I was actually thinking this last week that I really should get an apron, so I don't get so much stuff on me! Brilliant!! :) Thank you so much! I can't believe Elder Chris! is home! That is so crazy. It seems not very long ago that he went out. Crazy.
      Okay, so I have some pretty good stories to tell you this week:
       1. SNOW. IT FINALLY CAME AND IT CAME WITHOUT MERCY. On Thursday we woke up to a blizzard. Not a joke. I mean, to everyone that lives in Hungary it was pretty normal, but in ONE DAY it snowed probably as much as St.Georg has seen in the last 30 years. RIDICULOUS. So the snow isn't bad when it is just on the ground, but when it is in the process of falling, it sucks. That Thursday, it did not stop falling and it was just terrible. That day definitely sucked. Included in that day was when one of the trees that we were walking under dumped all of its snow on us. Not very fun.
        2. Due to the snow, there is now ice on the ground. Last night, I slipped and fell on the ice. JAJGATAS.(this translates to WAIL!) According to Elder Brown, it was pretty graceful. The funny part was the fact that I had my hands in my pockets and in my pockets I store my pass-along cards so when I went down, it began to rain my Book of Mormon pass-along cards LOL.
        3. On a better note, this week we have done a LOT of tracting. One of those times, we went to a house and no one answered. So we went on to the next house and no one came out, but out of the previous house came a decrepit Neni. I proceeded to talk to her for about 30 minutes (the Neni's really, really, like to talk) and while she was talking, I look behind her and behind her gate is her dog, which was trying TO GNAW THROUGH THE GATE. The dog was crazy. I am pretty sure this dog has been a problem before, because she thought we were the "Kutya Rendorseg" Which is like the dog police LOL.
       4. This weekend we had a Palacsinta Parti (pancake party) that was pretty crazy. #badplanning But, while making pancakes I got to hang out with a kid named Peti. He is super cool. We played tic-tac-toe and hangman :) It was fun.
       5. Because of the Snow, we made a snowman :)
       6. This Sunday, we were tracting and a door was opened. The guy told us to just continue on and in like three minutes he would come down and talk to us. Well, he did come down, but it was in the middle of us tracting someone else! So he just passed us, but he came down the staircase carrying a tripod! He was dressed just as I would. It was super funny, because he was basically me, just Hungarian. So we just finished the building we were in and started to leave, then he runs up to us and asks if we can help him push his car out of the icy driveway. Of course we do (with the help of two other strangers). So now, he owes us and we will be coming back to talk with him in a couple of days :)
      7. This week I had a couple of moments where I just was blown away by the ridiculousness of my life right now. Here are some of my favorites from this week: 1. Carrying a microwave through the blizzard on Thursday to help out a member. 2. The Cops coming to shut down our Palacsinta Parti because our neighbors thought we were "too loud" (spoiler alert: we weren't). When the cops came they saw that we were leaving and that most of us were 60+ years old. That was awkward for the cops. 3. A German couple that lives in our branch boundaries gave a talk that was translated from German into English then into Hungarian. WOW. So many languages.
      So yeah. That was my week :) It was pretty good. We have had a lot of fun and a lot of snow :)  I hope you all have a good week and I hope you can find the wonderful things in your lives!
      I want you all to know that this Gospel is true. True is a word we throw around a lot. I think that true means that when we test it, it does not fail. That is exactly what I have experienced. In happy moments, in my sad moments, in the moments when I am on top of the world, and in the moments when I feel like I cannot go further, this Gospel, Jesus Christ, prayer, reading the scriptures, they really do help. It is not just a thing people do. It is not just a mystical thing. This is real. That is what truth is. Truth is real and this Gospel is real.
Jesus Christ is real. The love that He has for each of us and the love that our Heavenly Father has for us is real. It is real and powerful and everlasting and endless. I know we can always turn to Him. Always. I love you all. I love you all so much and I pray for you every night.
      Sok szeretettel,
           Neely Elder
The snow finally came.
This is the main Church here in
Kaposvar. BEAUTIFUL!
SNOW! This is the snowman that we made.
I had to wear some weird clothes to stay warm for Sunday
night's dinner with the other Elders.

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