Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Whole mix of Emotions!

Dearest Errbody,
     I am doing pretty good :) My week has been pretty good. Basically, I have gone back to junior mode for a while, trying to get a hang of all this stuff. My new companion is awesome. His name is Elder Rae and he is super cool. I will be "killing" (missionary term) him as he goes home in November. Pretty crazy. But it is super cool, because he wants to go out with a bang and we will definitely be doing that :) There are approximately 23 missionaries in my Zone and my Zone covers Szeged, Bekescsaba, Kecskemet and Szolnok. It is pretty cool. We haven't traveled too much yet (except for that car ride from Hell that was getting out of Budapest), but we will starting this week. We have a trip to Buda planned and we also have to go on "Blitz's" to all of our Zone cities. That will be super fun, because that means I get to go to Kecskemet again! Yay! I don't have my international licence yet so I don't drive, but having a car is super weird. It makes time go by differently, like forreals. Super strange and sadly, no we do not have a Senior couple here in Szeged.
     This week was a whole mix of emotions. That last night in Szekesfehervar was pretty sad. But at the same time happy? We said goodbye to all of our investigators. When we told "S" that I was leaving, we started crying. It was pretty emotional. Her little girl ask why I was leaving and she said, "My sweetie, Heavenly Father has called him to go somewhere else to help people like us. But don't worry, he'll come back sometime." By then I was kind of crying too.
     The tripanionship was also hard to close down. We finished cleaning and packing and just kind of sat and talked for a long time. I am going to miss them so much. They are some of my favorite companions.
     Transfers were pretty normal. I got to talk with  a lot of people and that is always a good time. We eventually finished and life was good as Elder Rae and I went on to Szeged.
     Szeged is super cool, even though I still have only seen a couple of parts of this town. That is another weird thing about having a car, I don't get to see as much of the city.
     My first night here, we had a program with a kid. As soon as we went in I realized he looked SUPER familiar. So we started talking and he explains that he is actually from Kecsemet. Turns out that we actually tried to meet with him when I was serving there. Now he is an investigator here in Szeged. I LOVE HIM HE WILL BE MY FAVORITE.
     The rest of the week was just full of cool investigators. They are all so cool, they just need to be members. Half of them practically are already.
     This Sunday was a highlight. I sat by a super cool investigator at church, I went to Sunday School with the Youth and in Priesthood a random member from Eger played the piano with a very long intro AND outro for the hymn.
     Life is good.
     Well, my favorite scripture right now is John 15:16. Please read it, because it is so applicable to missionary work, but to our lives as well. We just have to remember that the Lord has chosen us.
     I love you all so much.
     sok szeretettel,
           Neely Elder.
Elder Barbour, Elder Neely and Elder Simmons
Our last night of the Tripanionship.

Saying good byes :(

Szilvia and Elder Neely saying good bye.

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