Thursday, September 25, 2014

Time's Flying.

Dearest Everyone.
     Well, transfers happened. The beloved Tri-panionship is now dead and gone. Elder Barbour is going co-senior with one of his good friends. Elder Simmons is going to Dunaujvaros with Elder Richards. I am going to...SZEGED. I am going to be a Zone Leader in Szeged with Elder Rae! I am super excited. It should be awesome. I am going to have a car and be in one of Hungary's biggest and greatest cities. Woohoo! I am super excited.
     However, I am so sad to leave my friends from the tripanionship. I love these kids so much. Elder Simmons is seriously the best son I could have asked for. And Elder Barbour is a crazy funny guy. Also he helped me pick out a suit and now I look so good! OMG. So yeah. That's real.
     Outside of that our week was fantastic. We have seen a lot of crazy awesome progress with all of our investigators and with everyone that we meet with. "S" continues to be the greatest member on this planet (oh....I forgot I am going to have to leave her :( She is the greatest). These people are seriously the best. I love all of them so much and I look forward to coming back and meeting with them again.
     EMOTIONAL SEQUENCE: Looking back on the time I have had in Szekesfehervar, I am proud of the work I have done. It has been interesting having Elder Barbour come into it in the middle, because I watched my chapter close and his begin all at the same time. I have done good things here and I am proud of it. But in all reality, I am just an observer of God's amazing work! I have seen His hand moving. It is an amazingly beautiful thing.
     I love you all so much. Keep doing great things. Keep being you. I love you all so much. My favorite scripture from this week is from Jacob. He is kind of dramatic towards the end of his writings, but poetically he is on point when he says: "the time passed away with us, and also our lives passed away as it were unto us a dream." (Jacob 7:26).
   Time's flying.
              Neely Elder.

A castle I saw on splits this week in Veszprem. Pretty
cool, eh?

Went for a ride with my BFF's Elder Giacalone and
Elder Peterson.

Some Neni's at the Lecso Festival. They took pictures
with us and then sang us a drinking song.


Cute Hedgehog

My new outfit. #mmmgurl

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