Monday, July 1, 2013

Austria...Yup we are very close!

Austria..Yup we are that close
    Holy. Crap. This week has been crazy. I will try to explain it all. List Time!! It really is the best way to explain things:
          1. I need my driving record.
          2. I do not know my exact address yet, so for now you can just send it to the mission home:
                          Hungary Budapest Mission
                          Hajnoczy Jozsef Utca 14
          3.I had my first lesson with an investigator this week! She is a super rendes (classy) lady, but it was rather frustrating. She says that she believes in the Book of Mormon and that she believes that  Joseph Smith was a prophet...but she hasn't prayed about either and she doesn't think she needs to be baptized. It is a strange situation.
          4. I said my first offensive thing on accident! It was to a boy that comes to Angol Ora(English class). He understood that I didn't mean it, so he just corrected me. It wasn't until after the one of the Elders came and told me what I had said. It was embarrassing, but I will not make that mistake again!!
          5. The Flammers are seriously the best! They are so nice and just wonderful people. They leave in just a few weeks though:( However, they know the Hulmes! She says to tell Bro. Hulme hello. They used to live in Bloomington!  Also, Sister Flammer's cooking is absolutely divine. Praise the heavens for her food.
          6. This week we went without hot water for three days. HOLY COLD. It was freezing! But we lived and now it is back again :)
          7. Yesterday we went on a hike. We also went on a hike on Saturday. Both times were to these lookout tower things. They were two separate ones, but each time it was so cool to be so high above the world and see from up high.
          8. We talked to this man on the street the other day. He was really confused as to why we came on missions. After trying to explain it and him not understanding, he invited us to get a drink with him. While we had to decline (because we had to go somewhere...and because we don't drink alcohol haha) it was seriously one of the nicest things someone has said to me in Hungary. I don't really know why, he was just so sincere about it. It is super important to remember that we are always examples. People are always watching us. Not just missionaries, but all members. We need to be good examples and always act as the Lord would.
          9. Awesome story: So we are tracting down this road. We get to this house and a lady answers that is probably thirtyish. She invites us in right off the bat (which is unusual). We proceed to talk to her about her family and what not. Then we ask her if she would like to hear a message. We shared the first lesson with her and she was super receptive. A couple of times she stated crying and talking to us. Obviously I didn't understand hardly any of it, but when we got out, Mullen Elder told me that she said she had had a stroke and that her life had been hard. She can't read well now. I am so excited to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with her.
     Life here is crazy. In a beautiful way. The missionary world is strange and different. It is weird...I am in a different culture...and then within that culture is another culture. It is very interesting. It is wonderful to see the Lord working in people's lives. It is magnificent to see His hand in everything.
     I love watching these people. They are so interesting, so full of light. I love that everyone here moves at different speeds. Some go blazing by, some go so slow that it takes them a few minutes to cross the street. It is amazing that everyone here is different and wonderful.
    I love you so much. I love the Gospel. I love that I have the opportunity and privilege to work here in the beautiful country of Hungary. I am so grateful to the Lord for all He has blessed me with and for all He does for me. I will never be able to repay Him, but I will sure try :)
    Sok szeretettel,
        Neely Elder
The second tower
Mullen Elder
Mullen Elder
It says welcome to Austria, we crossed the border for like 5 min.
First tower
Sopron from up high

Sopron...from a distance

It was quite the hike!

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