Tuesday, July 9, 2013


My district 

     Holy cow. This week has been absolutely great. Nothing too crazy interesting, sadly.
     Okay...sigh....I guess I should go in list form again ;)
        1. First off, we had another lesson with our investigator. It went really well. We brought a member along with us.  She actually served a mini-mission with Moody Nover-and we planned on teaching the third lesson about the Gospel o Jesus Christ. So the girls just start chatting it up hard core and our investigator starts crying. I was freaking out because I didn't understand hardly any of what they were saying. Then Mullen Elder filled me in and said that the member, had just bore testimony of how much God loves and cares about her. Our investigator was super touched by the message. We talked about faith and committed her to pray. Sadly, she can not meet for another two weeks, so we will see how it goes. I have a lot of faith in her though. She is a fantastic person and she really wants to change and learn.

        2. Okay so we have three language things to help us find investigators and to help people become more  familiar with our religion. We have Angol Ora(English Class. It also has three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced), Nemet Ora(German Class. Because Austria is right next to Sopron, there are a lot of people who speak German and a lot of people who want to learn. Since Flammer Elder went to Germany on his mission, he teaches people. It is great), and Angol Klub. So for Angol Klub this last week, we had a pizza party. At first I was a little skeptical about how this would help, but when everyone came and saw the friendship and the fun that we were having, it really helped them see that members of the church are normal, happy people. It was a really good experience. Ane Tibor's wife's pizza was great :)

        3. This past Sunday I went to Budapest for Zoldi Training (Greenie Training). Let me tell you, I missed my MTC family. It was so great to see them all again. (well at least the Elders). I got to talk to all of them and hang out with them until the next day. I also got to see Giacalone Elder! I love that man. I had missed him so much. Don't get me wrong, I love Mullen Elder, but it was really nice to see Giacalone Elder again and to talk with everyone and share our experiences so far. Also, Zoldi Training was super great and we got to eat at Burger King!

Sadly, that is about it as far as this week goes. There are two sets of Elders in our area. Mullen Elder and I and McKissick Elder and Corbishley Elder. They are great. I thank you so much for your prayers and for your support. I can definitely feel them. It means a lot.
      I love you all so much!
          Sok szeretettel
                  Neely Elder
We celebrated the 4th with Sloppy joes!
Reunited!!  Neely Elder and Giacalone Elder
One foot in Austria the other in Hungary
Mullen Elder
Part of the Iron Curtain surrounding  Hungary
My first 60 cm pizza

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