Monday, July 15, 2013

This weeks Hungarian Happenings!

1. We will hopefully start teaching one of our recent convert's Mom. She is super nice. They had us over for dinner the other day. She is super peppy. The first time I met her she had this shirt on that said, "WOW! WOW! WOW!" And that is exactly how she is. She is just so happy and perky. We are really excited about her.

2. I miss the Temple SO BAD. I mean, it has only been like....four weeks, but man I miss it. I can't imagine how amazing that first trip back when I get home will be. GO TO THE TEMPLE! I think we take it for granted, especially having one so close! Try to find family names and take them to the Temple. It will bring blessings without end.

3. I had my first food adventures! We have this less active member (she can't walk a lot, so she doesn't come as much) that we always visit and she likes to feed us.  So this last time we walk into this absolutely beautiful meal. It was super classy and it looked amazing...except this weird little pile of mush. It looked kind of pinkish so I thought it might be a weird type of dessert or something. Turns out, it was pickled cabbage with Tefo (kind of like sour cream...sort of...). Yeah. I struggled. BUT. I did it! I ate it all. Then later in the week, we went to another dinner appointment. It was very nice of them to cook for us. I ate a lot of the soup they made for us because I didn't want them to think I didn't like it. However, after this they had dessert. She gave me a big helping. It was really good and I finished it. But man I was SO FULL. Then, of course, she asked if I wanted more. I obviously couldn't defend myself in Hungarian so the other Elders just responded and said, "Persze." Which means of course. Then the dad told her to give me a lot. SHE GAVE ME AN ABSOLUTE MOUNT EVEREST OF CAKE! I was going to die. I tried my best, but I didn't finish it :( but she was okay with it, so that was nice.

4. So in Hungary, holding hands is a big deal. Like everyone holds hands. Especially like parents and children, no matter what age they are. So the other day these two women walk by and they looked about the same age. I am still wondering if they were mother and daughter...or a little more than that. It was a bit awkward.

5. I tracted my first ten story on Saturday! I will send a picture that shows how big they are. It was super fun. People are really a lot nicer than I was expecting. Or they just weren't home. That happened a lot too hahaha.

6. This week the Flammers left :( We had all sorts of different farewell parties (one for the branch, one for English class, etc.). They are seriously some of the greatest people I know and they have really helped me learn and grow and have provided a lot of comfort when things were rough.  I will miss them a lot.

The Flammers and Neely Elder
I think that Heavenly Father wants me to go into this mission with the end in mind. When I left the MTC two of our teachers didn't talk about going into the mission field, but rather their feelings when leaving the field. I have seen the Flammers leave and I have observed many different Elders and Sisters who are about to leave. I think Heavenly Father wants me to realize that this time is short and that I can accomplish a lot if I use my time wisely. I think He also wants me to see that when I leave, I want to leave feeling like I have worked my hardest and done my best. And I do :)  and I will :)
  I love you all so much and pray for you all always!
 Sok szeretettel,
English class party for the Flammers

Branch party for the Flammers

McKissick Elder
Tibor cooking  good food!

These things are GOOD!
First Ten Story
English Class

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  1. Delightful. Neely Elder needs to learn how to say "No, thank-you" or he will out grow his suits very quickly. We love him and pray for him.