Monday, June 24, 2013

Finished the MTC- On to Sopron, Hungary!

Moody Nover and Levi another amazing teachers.
He also had Lefevre Nover and Runnells Testver.
Finished the MTC!!
Leaving the MTC
Grossen Testver , Neely Elder one of his awesome teacher at the MTC
     Okay, my companion is Mullen Elder. He is great and he is from Payson. I can understand a little of what the say...but it is really hard...a lot...LOL, but I am perservering. Hungary is absolutely AMAZING!!  Every part of it.
     The plane ride was a special form of hell.  It was one of the worst things that has happened to me. Sorry that I did not get to call Dad. We had to RUN between ALL of our flights. We barely made it to the one from London to Budapest.
     I am stationed in a city called Sopron. IT IS GORGEOUS! Seriously, so beautiful.  The only downside is that it is so dang HOT. It is humid and hot. I think I have lost five pounds in the last few days, just because I am sweating so much!
     My new companion is awesome. He is helping me learn a lot about how things work and about the language and the people. It is crazy cool.
     My first day in the country, we went streeting. That was so absolutely terrifying, but it was great to start spreading the gospel. We even got a phone number and gave out a Book of Mormon(We being GiacaloneElder, Godderidge Elder and I. The Noverek(Sisters) got five numbers and handed out 3+ Book of Mormons and probably baptized a small city. They were on fire).
     The train ride to here was weird and we got super delayed with the flooding that happened recently.  It took forever! Travel here takes a really long time. However, it provides a great opportunity to talk to people! I talked to this one guy for the entire train ride from Sopron to a city called Szombathely that is about an hour away. It was great! I gave him a referral card. We will see what happens.
      The branch members are super nice.
      I had my first Hungarian meal! The food here is RIDICULOUSLY GOOD. I will gain weight and I so not care;)
      It is definitely difficult and real and crazy and beautiful, but I am so excited! I love you all!
      Sok szeretettel,
            Neely Elder

Hiro Square

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