Friday, May 31, 2013

1st Transfer!!

Our 1st transfer!
     Hello! How is everyone?  I am doing fantastic. Okay so some crazy stuff has been going down. I will talk about it in list form because I do well with that and because it helps me to organize my thoughts, even though it is kind of boring.
          1. We have moved! Oh my gosh. The West MTC is THE BEST THING EVER. oh my goodness. We have new beds, pillows, I live in AN APARTMENT, there isn't six in one room now. It is amazing. I cried because of its beauty. Also we have a fridge, a couch, a bathroom and cupboards to store our stuff in. It is great. I love it so much over there.We are truly blessed.

          2. Because of this move I do have a new address.
                Elder Levi Neely
                Jun 17 HUN-BUD
                2023 N. 900 E. Unit 818
                Provo, UT 84602

           3. I got to Host! Hosting is where we greet the missionaries and take them around and everything. It was great! I didn't get to host any of our Kisbabak, but it was a great experience nonetheless.
           4. We got our New Hungarians! It is the greatest ever! I love them so much.. I don't even know them yet! We got to talk with them a little bit. One is actually from St. George! He is friends with Meredith's friend Shie Chastin. I'm not sure what his name is yet though. Also there is one from Washington State.

     Okay so those are the business items. So far. That I can think of. I love you all so much and I am so thankful for your love and support. I have a couple of things I want to share with your that have touched me over the last week.
      This Monday our Papa and Mama Estonians(Papa and Mama meaning the oldest group in our zone) left for their mission. It was really cool to finally see them go and teach the Gospel, but it was sad to see them leave. The Elders were our zone leaders and they have always taken really good care of us. The Sisters were so dang fun and we all became close fast.
      I'm bad at saying goodbyes. When the Estonians left, I kind of thought about all the goodbyes I have said. I suck at goodbyes. I am really bad at expressing how much people mean to me when I leave them.  However, I think I am really good at reunions. So I think I will make up for it when I reunite with everyone in the family and all my friends and such.
     This week we also talked about teaching others. We discussed how sometimes we have to talk with others about some pretty "difficult" things. Then my teacher told us this,"Think about the blessings and it won't be awkward." If you keep  the blessings that these people will receive if they do learn about and come to understand these things, it won't be awkward anymore. So I offer a challenge. Will you talk to someone?
Right when I say someone, the first person you think of is probably who you should talk to. Share the Gospel with them. Talk to them about it. It will not be awkward if you just keep in mind that these people will be blessed beyond comprehension if you give them this opportunity. Talk to someone.
     My teacher also shared a scripture: Ether 10:22-28. This talks about tools and cloth and weapons and how the people made all of them and used them. My teacher told us that we were all different tools. Some of us were plows, some were sickles, some of us were weapons and some of us were cloth. Whatever we may be though, the Lord knows how to use us. All we have to do is be ourselves, trust in the Lord, and be willing to do what He ask of us.
     Apathy is the opposite of love. As we go throughout our lives, if we find ourselves thinking, "I am so bugged. I am just not going to worry about so and so right now." That is the opposite of love. I hope that you will try to love always and love everyone. It is difficult sometimes to love others and to help them. But I testify that it is what Christ would have us do. He did it. And are we not supposed to be trying to be like Him?
     Lastly, I am so blessed. I am so incredibly, beautifully blessed. I thank you for your prayers and your support and your love. I can feel it all. I love you so much. So much.

     Tudom, hogy Jezus Krisztus Megvaltunk. Tudom, hogy az evangelium az igaz. Tudom, hogy Jezus Krisztus engesztelese, minden dolog lehet.
             O el!

Sok szeretettel,
Neely Elder
The District at the map

Historic move to MTC West
Our new home!
We have cupboards to store our stuff
Our bathroom

We have a couch!

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