Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 9, 2013

   So I have bad news: They don't let us call or skype our mom's on Mother's Day in the MTC :( It's the worst!  But I sent you a card and all my love.  However I do have some good news: I get to call you at the airport (multiple times!) and I get to call you sometime else during the year because I don't get to call you on Mother's Day.
    Thanks for making a blog! That is so cool! I can't wait to get your letter and package.
    A lot has been going on at the MTC and especially in Branch 57 district F. I have a bunch of stories and news updates to tell you about.
    First, earlier in the week one of our teachers(who is a native Hungarian), Svaboda Nover, came in and told us to stop speaking Hungarian for a while.  We had a beautiful lesson on prayer and the importance of it.  We shared our testimonies and stories and it was beautiful. I know that prayer is real. It is so real.  I can feel your prayers and the prayers of countless others.
    Which leads me to the next thing.  Grossen Testver(another one of our teachers) gave a little devotional/spiritual thought the other day that really hit me.  He said (in Hungarian), "I know prayer is real.  If you think that you cannot do it, that you cannot possibly go on, keep going.  I know prayer will sustain you.  Prayer is real.  There are so many people praying for you. Your family. People in the temple.  The prophet prays for you. So always keep going."  Then he told us: "Nem szabad feladni." It means never give up.
     I don't plan on ever giving up :) It's sure been difficult, but it has been worth it and it keeps getting better and better.
    Speaking of difficult things, last Monday, we had our first completely SYL (speak your language) day.  We only spoke Hungarian from when we got up to when we went to bed. IT WAS HARD. Not being able to express yourself sucks. It was difficult, but at the same time, IT WAS COOL!  We were speaking Hungarian!! We were legitimately speaking Hungarian! Wow! The Lord has blessed us copiously.
    And speaking of blessings(this is flowing pretty well today!) I have another story.  So we have two investigators right now-Viktor and Edit(Pronounced eh-deet). Giacalone Elder and I were preparing and it was not going well.  We weren't able to figure out what we wanted to say.  We weren't able to plan what we wanted to talk about. So we went into our lesson and it was BAD. It was so bad. We couldn't understand anything he was saying, we didn't know how to address his concerns, we didn't know what was going on, we couldn't speak Hungarian. It was horrifyingly horrible. So when we finished we left and we went back to our classroom. I was sulking and writing NEM JO. NEM BOLDOGSAG. On my notebook with highlighters(translation: no good. no happiness. LOL.) and I got the impression that Giancalone Elder and I should go and say a prayer in thanks to the Lord. I ignored it twice, but on the third time I decided to listen.  I grabbed Giacalone Elder and we went into this ghetto side room and we knelt down and prayed. I felt the Spirit. I knew in that moment that in order to receive the help I needed, to learn and speak Hungarian, I needed to be humble. It was a beautiful experience that I thank Heavenly Father for everyday.
    Now for the business-y items!
      1. We-our zone- is one of the first zones to move to the new West MTC that is stationed at Raintree and  
           Y-view! I am really excited. In Fast and Testimony meeting President Anderson said that out of 150+        Branches and zones, we were one of 10 to have the opportunity to do this. He said that is because we are   so obedient and they knew we would do well there and set an example for new missionaries coming there. It is awesome!
      2.  Our Ussi (literally 'Ancient'. It means the older Hungarians above us) left for Hungary on Monday. It
           was sad, They have helped us a lot with the language and with getting along at the MTC. Picture will
      3. Since the Ussi and gone, we're getting 10 Kisbabak Magyarul (that means baby Hungarians) on the
          29th! They will be the first batch of new people at the West MTC. I'm very excited to have some    kisbabak to help out! It will be cool to do what our Ussi did for us to them. Also, it will definitely be a
confidence booster :)
      4. I have a flipping awesome Branch Presidency. They are seriously the coolest people ever.  Our
          Branch President-President Anderson-is, for lack of a better term, a spiritual giant. He is a very
          eloquent speaker too.
      5. Holy Cow Meredith is graduating?! I got her graduation announcement. That is so weird, but so
      6.  Tanner got his call! He hasn't written me, yet. Amanda told me (not because he wrote her, but
           because her little sister did). I asked Amanda not to tell me. I have faith Tanner will write me!
      7.  Did I ask you about a photo album? If not, I am now. Apparently that is something I should bring to
           Hungary. So could you send one to me? That would be GREAT. Just a bunch of pictures of you guys
           and maybe some of my friends?
   I love you all so much! I miss you guys tons, but life is fantastic here! I love you!
                                                           Sok szeretettel!
                                                                     Neely Elder
Flowers outside of our residence.
The Ussi and Noverek and Us! front row L to R
Deinhart Nover, Magda Nover, Moffat Nover, Grigg Nover, Maxfield Nover, and Hinkley Nover

The Elders of our District!  L to R
 Ralph Elder, Gaytan Elder, Godderidge Elder, Richards Elder, Giacalone  Elder  and  Neely  Elder


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