Saturday, May 4, 2013

Next letter

Dear Family,
         I'm going to keep a sort of running log of what is going on down here at the MTC,  Then I'll send that soon-ish.
         So, Day 2!  More language (learned how to pray today!) and we taught our first investigator. Holy Cow! It was awesome!  My compnion-Giacalone Elder-is phenomenal and we work great together.
         Now, Day 3! Today was FANTASTIC!!  Seriously, so much awesome.  We were taught how to teach and it was crazy.  CRAZY.  I'm on a blazing spiritual high.  It is difficult, but worth it.
         My companion keeps getting cooler and we are getting close.  Woah. It's only been three days.  It feels like months. WOW!
         Csal'ad todom, hogy Isten szeret t'eged. Todom, hogy Isten gyermeke uagy. J'ezus Krisztus neveban
                                                            Neely Elder

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