Tuesday, March 31, 2015

3-23-15 Trains and Sewing Machines

My beautiful humans.

This week. I magine that you are standing in the metro station in Budapest and one of the metros just comes in with the little burst of wind and then it stops for all the people to come out and then it rushes on out again.

That's what this week felt like.

Basically we have been trying to keep in daily contact with a few of our investigators and it has been the craziest. We have been meeting with them and making them treats and praaing with them and it has been amazing to see the little miracles with them. It is amazing.

This week we held Zone Training. Our beloved President and his wife came to the training and it went well. Everybody was super tight-up at the beginning, but by the end everyone was participating and having a great time.

We also went to Kecskemet this week to do a baptismal interview. It felt so weird to be in that city one last time. Going back to these cities is always so hard for me, because I will miss them so so so much. I realized then, that time is kond of merciless in the fact that things go on without you. But it was good to be back in a place I love. The people there are so stellar and so ready for baptism. I was happy.

Saturday there was a baptism for the Sisters. The lady is super great and they are super duper funny.  I was laughing the whole time. The actual baptism was great and a lot of people were positively effected. It was great.

We had a program with one of our programs and basically she said, "The last time I came to a baptism, I felt so happy and I went home and realized I needed to forgive everyone and even though that day I was sick, I felt so happy. I know I need to be here. This is where my place is." She is going to be baptized on April 18th :)

This week one of our investigators took us out to lunch and tried to get the waitress to go on a date with him


I wish that I could explain to all of you how happy I am. How much all of this means to me. How many amazing experienced happen to us on a daily basis. How much I love these people.  How sad I am that I am leaving, but how happy I am that these people are doing good.

I am a happy boy. I love Hungary. I love Szeged. I love Elder Whiting. I love all the people.

I am a happy boy.

Love, Neely Elder.

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