Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2-23-15 How will I have enough time??


I am really begining to freak out a little bit about going home, but I am also forgetting about it for now and focusing on the work. Because at least that brings me peace and stuff.

My biggest concern this week is the same as most weeks: HOW WILL I HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO DO ALL OF THIS? But it will all work out. I hope. LOL.

It is so cool to see the hand of the Lord in our lives. I think that is something way important. When we constantly have spiritual experiences in our lives, that is how we keep our testimony ever-growing.

Tender mercies of this week. One of our investigators not being able to meet, but getting a haircut from her that led to a super good Gospel discussion. One of our investigators expressing her desire to get baptized. The members coming together to help her on the road to baptism. The member that was in the hospital getting better, despite all odds. An investigator coming out of nowhere asking us for help. Getting answers to my questions. It was pretty cool.

The other day, we had a little discussion while having companionship study. We read 2 Nephi 31:17 and it says that after we have entered the gate of baptism, then we receive the Holy Ghost and then we receive a remission of sins. We looked up what remission means and it has a four-pronged definition: 1. The process of remitting something. 2. Forgiving or pardoning. 3. To refrain from exacting or enforcing. 4. To give or gain relief. In English: It is a process. A process of receiving forgiveness and becoming perfect. So if we are baptized  and we get the Holy Ghost, then we start this process and if we are in the process, we are doing okay.

Biggest challenge this week was when an investigator came in, sat down, told us how her mother is on the brink of death, how she had no job, had no life, did not know what to do and told us to tell her what to do. That was hard. That was hard.

Investigators are doing really well. They are all progressing towards baptism really really well. We are proud of then. Thank you for your prayers on their behalf. That means so so so much. It helps them so much. Thank you for that.

I love you so much! Have a great week!

     Neely Elder.


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