Tuesday, March 17, 2015

3-16-15 Sprint!

Imagine me panting,

This week. This week we had P-Day, then Tuesday, then Wednesday, the Zone Conference with Elder Patrick Kearon from the Seventy on Thursday, then a special Mission Leadership Council with Elder Kearon on Friday, then a baptismal interview in Bekescsaba that night, then Saturday, then Sunday, then today.

I can't breathe.

But really, this week has been the greatest. It feels so good to be working hard and running from city to city and place to pace and house to house and yeah.

The Zone Conference was probably the greatest thing that could ever have happened. I got so many answers to my prayers and O learned so much from him. Here is my favorite quote from him from the conference:

"Thank you." x 7,489,376

It was a good time.

Right now, there are so many good things going on in our mission and our zone and our district and our companionship. Our investigators are on fire.

I know this is a lame email, but I will end with an experience from Sunday:

      Church had just finished and one of our friends who had just got baptized was talking to the family history specialist to set up a time that they could start looking for her family members. My favorite couple were talked to by all of the branch members and we didn't have to worry who would sit by them or who would talk to them. Another one of our friends came to church for the first time and the branch took such good care of the that she left with a fixed smile on her face. Our other friend   brought me all of his cigarettes and drop quit after a blessing from the last Branch President. In that moment, I realized that none of these people need me, but that they had truly been converted unto the Lord.

I am a happy boy :)

       Elder Neely.
Pasta Pasta!

My best friends at the Pasta place.

President Kearon and us. You could say we're friends. LOL

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