Wednesday, November 19, 2014


     This week has been pretty crazy. All over the place and sadly, we don't have much to show for it. PSYCH. This week two of our investigators decided to get baptized! Yay! Monday was pretty relaxed and fun and what not. But Tuesday we had so many things to do, it is not even funny. We met with seven people and all of the programs went great. This one couple are quitting smoking and they are doing so well now! I am super proud of them. This week we also went up to Budapest for MLC. It was great! So many ideas and thoughts are being thrown around it is great. My favorite thing is that now, there is going to be a bigger focus on Faith in Christ as the basis of our lives and our missions. It was super good. Then we had interviews it was great! THEN I DROVE A CAR AROUND BUDAPEST I HAVE MY LICENSE NOW TERRIFYING BUT SZEGED DRIVING IS NOT THAT BAD. On Thursday we went on splits with Elder Meek and Elder Depallens! They are so cool. It was fantastic. Splits are always kind of crazy. In the fact that cool things always happen. During this transfer one of our cool investigators finally decided he was ready to be baptized! We are super excited for him and he is planning on getting baptized on November 29th. Also, I met with a man who lives on a farm and he is SO. COOL. I can't even explain. He is super cool. Yesterday we went to help him with his farm a little bit and afterwards they made us food. Did I mention they are Krishna's.? Yeah. I guess I am meant to meet a lot of Krishna's. LOL  So, yeah. This week has been great. We had fantastic lessons with our investigators and we have seen so many miracles. OH AND I HAVE PICTURES FROM THE LAST COUPLE OF WEEKS. Sorry, this is all over the place. I love you all so much! Have a great week!
     Neely Elder.
The nice building in Kecskemet.

Graveyard selfie on the Day of the Dead.

So happy to see friends from Kecskemet!

Great places in Kecskemet! (Bakery)

Old friends I was so happy to see again!!

Fancy, fancy chocolate!

Elder Rae.

Elder Rae's birthday dinner.

A member polishing my shoes, sweet!

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