Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Dearest Everyone,
     The weeks have begun to blur and speed up and that freaks me the crap out! This week has been great and I am doing good. Our investigators are on fire! We didn't have a baptism last week, but we might have one this week! Things are looking so good! Transfers will happen next week, so I will be emailing on Tuesday next week. Elder Rae goes home next week and I am so sad :( He is one of my favorite companions and I am just not looking forward to saying goodbye. And Elder Hansen will be coming home with him.
     Sounds like Sunday was crazy town for you! But that is good. Sunday was so good here. But I am getting ahead of myself.
     This week we just had a bunch of programs with people and all of them were good. There was a missionary that went around the country with his parents, and he came to Szeged, but he didn't visit this cute old couple that we meet with, so they called us over and fed us what would have been his dinner. LOL IT WAS SO GOOD HE MISSED OUT. Seriously, I have never had such good Marha Porkolt. So amazing.
     This week we also got to see a handball match. One of our less active members is a handball coach. So he invited us to come see one of his games. It was actually super cool, because all of a sudden he made so much more sense. Idk, it was cool.
     This week we also went to a five-star restaurant. It. Was. Amazing.
     This week we also gave a Zone Training. It went so well! It just worked fantastically. So cool. Our missionaries are so stellar it hurts. So good.
     We also went on splits with the AP's this week. I went with Elder Hansen. St. George stories abounded and we met with a lot of the people that he used to meet with as well, so it was cool. Good times in the Szeged lands.
     On Saturday we went to a funeral for one of our investigators that died this past week. It was....weird. His wife is Nazarene and Nazarene funerals are weird. And depressing. And involve probably 20 hymns. I love hymns, but like, that was too much. So that was weird.
     Then Sunday .
     I have always heard and read the phrase, "fullness of joy" and this Sunday, I experienced it.
     Last week we got to go to Stake Conference in Budapest. We woke up suuuuuuuper early and went with all the missionaries, and a bunch of members and one of our investigators. The bus ride was such a party. But then we got to Budapest AND EVERYONE THAT I LOVE WAS THERE! So much joy. I got to meet with all of my companions and all of my investigators and members from Szekesfehevar, Kaposvar, Kecskemet, and I was so happy. One of the people I baptized got his patriarchal blessing and just got the Melchizedek Priesthood and became an Elder and everything was perfect. There is a new Stake President, and the talks were so good and I got to meet President Patrick Kearon (who literally is the best ever) and I am so happy. It was the best day of my mission. After we got home I got to talk to some more of my favorite people on the phone and I just can't even describe the joy I felt.
     The church is true.
     This is so real.
     I am so happy.
     I love you.
          Neely Elder.

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