Tuesday, December 2, 2014


     I love you all so much! This week has been absolutely insane. It felt like a day and also like seven long months all at once.
     I said goodbye to Elder Rae and also Elder Peterson. Which was pretty hard. I miss them a lot. But, they live on, so that's nice :)
     My new companion is Elder Nyman. He is from Texas originally, but lives in Utah. He is two transfers below me. He speaks great Hungarian and is such a good missionary. It blows my mind.
     On Wednesday, Elder Rae and I packed up the car, drove to Szolnok to help with some luggage there (because one of the Sisters got her appendix out and couldn't really carry anything), drove to Szeged, dropped off things, picked up more luggage, tried to drive back to Szeged, got a little lost (LOL), got home, helped the other missionaries in Szeged move apartments and then fitted our investigator for baptismal clothes, then sleep. SO LONG. That day was so exhausting. I was done with that day.
     The next couple of days were just programs and chats with investigators and stuff. It was good and it was fun to get to know Elder Nyman a little better.
     Saturday was "V's" baptism. He is seriously the coolest person in the world. The baptism was absolutely perfect. Everything was so nice. The music, the talks, everything. We got changed. Before we went into the water, I gave him a hug and then we walked into the water and it was super cold and then I had to say the prayer twice, because I messed up the words :) and then it was over and we were changing and he said, "I am so happy. I could only be happier if Sister Kennedy (the first missionary who taught him) could have been here." It was absolutely perfect.
     Sunday was the confirmation and it went well...except for the fact that the person that was supposed to confirm him and the back-up plan were gone (because his wife gave birth, so that's nice).   So one of the missionaries here confirmed him. It was excellent.
     Outside of that, one of our investigators came to church for the first time and I am really excited for her and her elet tars. It should be really good.
     So, yeah. Life is different now here in Szeged, but it is good. Life is good. Our investigators are doing really well. Doing well and living life.
      I love you all so much. Keep doing all the good things that you do.
             Neely Elder.

"C's" baptism


I have no idea!!

Elder Nyman sleeping.

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