Sunday, November 9, 2014

10-27-2014 Swell in Szeged!

Dear Everyone!
     I am doing absolutely fantastic. I had a glorious week! The work is going absolutely swell here in Szeged. We have a ton of investigators right now. All of them are doing well. The only thing that is a little annoying is that all of them are ready for baptism-they know everything, they keep the commandments, everything-they just have one thing that holds them back. Which is sometimes annoying as a missionary. My favorite investigator right now (is it allowed to have a favorite investigator?). We actually met before this once in Kecskemet and he is seriously so cool and stellar and so prepared and so classy. Seriously, he dresses so nice. But he has a baptismal date for November 15th  and things are looking good for that! This last week we taught the Word of Wisdom and he was like, "Okay, so this means I have to stop drinking coffee and tea, right?" LOL. Right. And after that he has not :)
     This last week we have seen a lot of crazy fun stuff.
     We have been meeting with this member a couple of times (like she gave me a haircut and at church etc.) and she came to one of our programs with another investigator. Afterwards she takes us to this inactive member and was just so cool in the program. It was crazy, just realizing how good the Hungarians are at missionary work. IDK, it was really cool.
      This week one of our less active members shined our shoes for us :,) it was so nice. He's really cool and it was just such an act of kindness, IDK. Right after that, another less active member took us out to lunch. It's like, why are people so nice to us?
      This week was also Elder Rae's birthday, so I made him French Toast in the morning with a candle and Birthday song and everything. Then that night I took him out to dinner. THE FOOD WAS SO GOOD, I THINK IT CHANGED MY LIFE. I had Camembert cheese with blackberry sauce. Who knew, that that could be so amazingly delicious. DEFINITELY NOT ME.
     This week English Class started again. Guess how many people came to our class? 1. LOLOLOLOL. It was a holiday here and the only person that came was like an 85 year old neni. It was super funny and she was way nice.
     Friday was a super good day too. We had soooooo many people to meet with it was cray cray. One of our programs was with this couple that aren't married, but they live together. This week we talked about Temples and eternal marriage and then baptism and the Holy Ghost. It was so amazing to feel the Spirit enter the room as we testified of those things and they felt it as well and it was just so...good :)
     Sunday was just great. Church was great. Life is great :)
     I love being here, I love being a missionary, I love my comp, I love my city, I love everything :)
       Sok szeretettel,
         Neely Elder.

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