Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Miraculous week!

Dearest Family,
     Hello from Szekesfehervar! The greatest city in the world!
     This week was the greatest week of my life. Seriously, so good!

  • Monday: We had a surprise day full of programs. A bunch of people just called us and asked us if we could meet. Sure! It kind of killed P-day, but that is alright :)
  • Tuesday: We met with a couple more people. We met with "R" and talked about Temples with him. So cool. He is seriously the greatest. Also, the sisters got transferred, weird, right? Sister Moffat left us and we got Sister Clawson. She goes home in like 28 days or something. Crazy!
  • Wednesday: "R" Got baptized! It was so beautiful. There were just a few people there. We walked into the water and he went down and up like a champ. The amazing part is that he went down a man and came up a different person. He has changed so much and he felt the Spirit so strong. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. Then we all got pizza together. Super good day :)
  • Friday: Crazy good day. Went finding in a field of wheat. Yeah. That is a real thing here in Hungary. I picked one of the stalks and ate the grains of wheat. I felt like a disciple in Jesus' time period. Pretty cool. We also had District Meeting. I love those. They are always so fun! I love my district. They are the greatest. We also had a super cool program with our investigator "K". She wants to get baptized, but her parents wouldn't allow it. So we had a program where we decided to pray together so she would be able to talk with her parents. It was super cool.
  • Saturday: We had a Branch Party. It was Bogracs in a Forest. IT WAS SO FUN. We had a couple of people from English Class and a bunch of members and we ate Marha Porkolt (SO FINCSI). I played Star Wars in the forest with the kids and we went hunting lizards and it was just a blast. Downside: I got 12 bug bites. KOMOLYAN? That kind of sucked. But it was great. Then we had some fun time at the English Class. Good days. Then all of a sudden, "K" comes and she talked to her parents! She is getting baptized! We are super excited for her!
  • Sunday: We had church. "R" was confirmed. He is the newest member of Szekesfehervar! He also got the priesthood. His future is so bright. It was the greatest thing ever. Then we had family home evening and dinner with a bunch of our investigators and members. It was fun. We played some card games and it was just great.
     Guys. This week has been miraculous. So crazy good. I am working hard. I am exhausted all the time and life has never been so good :) 
          I love you all so much! 
                  Elder Neely.
Blake Elder

Family Home Evening.

Bogracs in the Forest.

Tracting, tracting, tracting!

After the baptism.

"R" baptism!

Tracting on the cities edge.

Tracting in the green fields of Hungary.

Sister Moffat's last day :(

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