Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hot week in Hungary!

     How are you? I am doing so good! This week was fantastic! We have been working our butts off. And sadly, it is getting hot again :( I AM SWEATING ALL THE TIME. There is no escaping this heat. It is just always present.
     This week has been actually kind of boring. Most of the people that we have been meeting with kind of disappeared. But here are some of the great things from this week:

  • Bought a Mandolin this week. LOLOLOL. It is really fun to play. The sisters bought ukuleles and we are just making music everywhere!
  • This week we had district meeting on the 4th of July! It was so much fun! We made everything American themed. It was great. After, we got hamburgers and ice cream. It was a great day! I loved it. So much fun. Also, our district is the best in the world.
  • Also, we met like 5 times this week with "K". She is doing so well! She is really excited for her baptism. It will be awesome!!
  • At English class this week. So funny. Two of the members got in a little fight about what past present perfect continuous tense was or something. IDK. I don't understand English grammar. But it was funny, because they were arguing in Hungarian and Elder Blake was like, "Excuse me, this is English class." It was so sassy! So now everyone in English Class says, "is this English class?" It was funny.
  • We had another successful family night. It was fun. We had palacsintas. Basically, crepes. We got to hang out with some investigators and it was just a great time.
      The last thing that was just amazing was seeing "R" bless the sacrament this week. I wanted to die. Life is beautiful. The Gospel changes people. I am a happy, happy man. I love you all so much. Look out for the miracles! Because they still exist. I love you all so much and I am sorry this email is lame. Have a good week!
      Elder Neely.

Our American theme district meeting in the park!
Weird things we find while tracting.

A pretty flower.
Strange findings.

Sister Magda and Elder Neely with his new Mandolin.

Went bowling last P-day. That was fun.
Weapons that a member showed us. Nice.

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