Monday, November 25, 2013

Fumbled the Snap!

      Herro everybody! How are y'all doing?
      It is so good to hear all these stories. I am glad to hear about the good things going on in the ward. What an example Sister G. was! That is the kind of thing that the Savior would do.
      Oh, guess what? I GOT ALL THE MAIL AND ALL THE PACKAGES!! Thank you all so much! That meant a lot that you all sent me that stuff! THANK YOU!
      Giacalone is sitting by my side. I AM SO GLAD WE GET TO SERVE TOGETHER. Seriously, I am so glad he is here in this city with me. What a great man.
      Okay, so this week I kept a detailed record of some of the funny/good things that happened to us this week. That will be what my email is about this week:

      *So we met this old Bacsi and he doesn't quite understand/remember things well. So one of the Elders that used to be here he calls "his friend" because he never learned his name. So out of the blue, he asks where he went and we said that he went to Pecs and he just giggled to himself and said, "Csunya fiu." Which means, "what an ugly boy" LOL too funny.
      *We had zone training this week and one of the Elders (a total hipster) gave us "Happy Tips". These included getting a nice rug for your shoes, getting nice socks and laughing when things are funny.
      *The other day, I went to grab a card out of my jacket to street a man and I dropped it right as the guy was about to walk by. Elder Brown said I "fumbled the snap!" (The only football play Neely Elder will play!)  LOL.
      *We went to find this lady that had met with the missionaries in the past. She said she never wanted to meet again (okay, rude) and said, "Szep estet kivanok!" which means like, have a good night! Mission life can be tough sometimes. Oh well.
     So a couple of things: 1. Thanksgiving is coming and I am sad that I am not home, but we are going to have dinner as a city, so it will be okay :)   2. I AM SO EXCITED TO TALK TO Y'ALL AT CHRISTMAS TIME. 3. My favorite scripture as of late is Ether 12:27. Read it and then read every single foot note. It has helped me a lot this last week. I love you all so much and I hope you have the best of all weeks possible :)
  Sok szeretettel,
  Neely Elder
We went to Pecs. Errbody Sleeps!

Brown Elder

Pecs Beautiful City!



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