Tuesday, November 12, 2013


     Holy. Cow. I. I Just. Wow.
     Okay, so I am getting transferred. I am going to Kaposvar and I will be serving with Elder Brown. I am replacing Godderidge Elder who was in my MTC group. Goddridge Elder is coming to Sopron and replacing Giacalone Elder. Giacalone Elder is also going to Kaposvar. de Vries Elder is training. THIS TRANSFER IS GOING TO BE THE CRAZIEST.
      I have loved serving with de Vries Elder and I am sad to be leaving him. He is such a great guy and such a fantastic missionary!
      I am really excited to be going to my new area.
      I love Sopron. I love Sopron. I love these people. I...I can't even use words. Sopron is home. It is home. It is like leaving home again. These people have become my family. I will miss them so much. I will return here. I am excited to go on to new adventures and new experiences, but I am also terrified. A quote that I have come to love this transfer is actually a compilation of quotes from three sources. The first source is Amanda Harris. The second source is the movie Warm Bodies. The third source is Elder deVries:
"While the unknown is first and foremost an adventure, the unknown is also scary. But what good thing didn't start out scary at first? What is the worst that could happen?"
     I know I was meant to come to Hungary. I know that I was meant to serve in Sopron. I know that I have been called of God. I know that this Gospel is true. I know that Jesus Christ did live and die for us and I know that through Him we can be saved. This new thing is scary, but what good thing didn't start off scary at first? I was scared when I first came to Sopron. I was terrified. But I came to love it with all my soul.
     I am looking forward to the future and I am excited. Things will always change.
     I love you all so much. So much. I say that to all of you: those at home, those in Sopron, those friends and family members that I love so much. So much. I love all of you. I pray for you every single day.
     Minden jot! Vigyazzatok a magatokra!
        Sok szeretettel,
            Neely Elder
P.S. Sorry this is so short. Time is short today!
Last day as our district :(

First Hot Chocolate of the season!

Our English Class.

Sometimes we get lost on buses!

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