Monday, November 18, 2013


Neely Elder and Giacalone Elder on their way to Kaposvar.
Having great experiences! 

We had to go to Kaposvar by ourselves and it sucked

      This will be super short. I am sorry. This week has been really good.
I AM IN KAPOSVAR! Oh my goodness this is crazy! I love it here though, it is super nice. It is definitely different than Sopron. The work is just different in different cities. Different people, different branches, different peksegs. (BAKERY! This would only be noticed by my son!)  The list goes on and on. It is still nice though. Also: I have no idea where anything is. LOL That is a change from knowing every inch of Sopron. I love my companion Elder Brown. He is such a chill and awesome person.  I love having Giacalone here again :) it is so much fun. By the end of this transfer, we will have served around or with each other for a total of 28 weeks :) Cool. We have two sets of Elders here and the other set is a tripanionship! We also have a Senior Couple named the Colleges! They are from down our way! Yay! Cool!
       A big holler at my Grandma and Nanny!! Tell them Hi! and I love them!
It is wonderful to have the knowledge that we can live together after this life. That death is not the end! This is why I love this Gospel. It gives us hope in times of trials. Comfort, when we don't really know how to function.
      I love you all so much and I am so grateful to be a part of this family and to be serving here in Kaposvar on Hungary :) I love this opportunity to sacrifice and to truly learn to miss and love people.
      Vigyazzatok a magatokra!
         Sok szeretettel,
            Neely Elder
Goddridge Elder and Neely Elder enjoying that
frappe during transfers!
Kaposvar Adventures!!
Weirdly posed mannequin!

 Neely Elder and Brown Elder
Shopping cart in the lake! Kaposvar is classy!

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