Monday, October 7, 2013

General Confrence!

     This week has been good! We have been working on visiting more ot the Less Active Members this week.  It has been really fun and it has been an uber nice break from the constant rejection of talking to people on the street or straight up tracting, so that is nice.
     This week I went on splits with Giacalone Elder! It was fun to just talk to him and kind of completely catch up on our adventures.  It is fun serving with him. I hope to stay with him and in this city and with de Vries Elder for another transfer, but I think I may be getting transfered this time :( We will see.
Gen Con Party!
     General Confrence. Gen Con. Goodness gracious. It was so good! I feel like the Lord was specifically talking to me. It was so good. We had a good time and because the Browns are here, I got to see it in English!! Huzzah for understanding! It was good.
     This week has just been good. It was a little difficult. A lot of our programs dogged and we didn't find much "success", but I feel like we did accomplish good this week, if not only in ourselves.
      The language is coming. Slowly, but coming. Nowadays I can get by for the most part with normal everyday tasks and with talking with people, so yay for level ups!
      Our investigators are doing well. We have been working on getting some new people to teach and huzzah! We found some! Yay!
      Well. That is probably about it. Oh wait! So we love the other companionship in Sopron. They are great. So the other day, we came home and found all of our furniture in a stack with a note that basically said, "We love you guys! DRANK!" That last part is an inside joke. REVENGE WILL BE SO SWEET.
      I miss you all so much and I hope that everyone is okay. I love you all so much. So much. Everyone that is reading this. I love you so much. I am so grateful to serve the Lord. I am grateful to be doing something hard.
      Have a beautiful day!
              Sok szeretettel,
                  Neely Elder
P.S. I don't know why my pictures from last week didn't send, so I am sending them for both weeks. I know it seems like a lot :)
The fog has arrived here in Sopron!

We went to find a new investigator, and found this
at the top of a really tall building instead.
Uber cool/slightly creepy.
Matching bacsi hats! Yay for comp items!
de Vries Elder
Splits with the Giac-ster! We found a T.V.
The other Elders pulled a prank on us! 

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  1. Neely Elder, the Wallaces love you and thank you for your service.