Monday, October 28, 2013

Four Tons of MANURE!

      This week has been so fast. So fast. So fast. We have just been going and going and never stopping! It has been such a good week!
      So on my last P-day I tried a lock with a key that I had found and I broke the lock. Oh my gosh it sucked so bad. I hated it. I broke it completely. It was embarrassing and also, just the most stupid moment ever. It was the worst.
     The other day I was on the bus and I filled out a paper wrong and I got a ticket. Yay for fines! Said no one ever. So I had to pay the fine. I did. Woohoo!
      The other day we were tracting and this woman said; "Tiszteletem" which means, " I reverence/respect/worship him." It was pretty cool. Whoop for formalization!
      Same day different place we were tracting. We pass a lady piling wood into her basement. I felt like we should go back and help. So we go back and I am like, "Segithetunk? (Can we help) and she was like,".....nem......!"(NO). SO AWKWARD.
      So yeah this email is super lame! Sorry. (It is just a smidge better than the post card he sent to our Bishop this week. It read; "Bishop, I hope this will sufice! Love Elder Neely.") I hope you all have the best of weeks!
        Sok szeretettel,
            Neely Elder
Fall is here! Beautiful!

We went bobsledding as a district on P-day. That was fun!
Almost ran over Giacalone Elder!

This week we had a service project for a widow lady. She lives in a small village called Harka. We shoveled at least 4 tons of MANURE!!! It was good to serve, but 4 tons of Manure. I thought I would get out of the semi-annual manure spreading festivities. NOT SO APPARANTLY! (Levi loves to spell this word this way)
This place is beautiful!

Sister Brown in the garden

The lady we were helping was very grateful. She fed us a traditional
Hungarian meal and we left her a Book of Mormon.

Brother Brown and Neely Elder
de Vries, Giacalone, Neely and Becker..

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