Tuesday, October 22, 2013

     Seems like the annual hunting season has stayed about the same, ugye? Oh my goodness I am dying. I mean, I know that must have sucked, but it sounds so funny hearing it like this. Oh my goodness. Hunting is always an adventure with us!
     Okay, so I have to write a list again, because I have all sorts of crap to talk about today. And by crap, I mean really cool things actually :)

      1. So now we are in suits forever! Just kidding only until April. So that is fun. It isn't too bad.
      2. So this week Giacalone Elder was sick (ne felj, he is okay now) so de Vries Elder and I made him Chicken Noodle soup and then took it to their apartment. On the way we got some pretty weird looks as we were carrying a pot full of flaming chicken noodle soup. Some people also asked us questions. One man said, " My young gentlemen, what did you all cook tonight?". LOL people call us their boys or young gentlemen all the time.
      3. de Vries Elder and I took this bus and a really, really, large woman got on the bus and before she could sit down, the bus just went and she fell over and rolled (I repeat, rolled) down the bus. de Vries Elder helped push her back up ( another lady and I tried to help, but to rather no avail). It was a nice opportunity to serve.
      4. Speaking of busses. We have been using the #2 bus a lot this week. So much so that the bus driver and the people that usually use that bus have started to recognize us. Another unique thing about this bus is that the people who use it totally know each other and they have this little...club. We want in SO BAD. So we are trying our hardest to get into the Bacsi and Neni #2 Bus Club. We hope for our success.
     5. Ran into Steel Guitar Man again. I love that guy. He is just so cool. This time he said, " Szabadsag. Az en!" Which translates to, "Freedom that's me!"
     6. This Thursday was my sixth month mark. HOLY COW MI CSODA WHERE IS THE TIME. WHERE DID IT GO. WHAT IS THIS. So yeah. That was crazy. A fourth of my mission. Down the drain. Gone.
     7. So we are teaching this guy and the other day we tracted into his house. OMG IT WAS SO FUNNY/AWKWARD. We laughed really hard then ran away. LOL.
     8. Ran into our first uber drunk bacsi. He really liked to grab our arms and tell us how nice we were. It was...nice?
     9. The other day this random Austrian Family pulled over and just chatted with us. That was nice. Sometimes I forget there are other places with church members, you know?
   10. The other day whilst tracting, we were walking along and we found wild puppies. Not even joking. They came out of the forest and played with us for like ten minutes. It was adorable, but also terrifying. I totally thought they were going to kill us.
    11. After this puppy incident, we went and got Langos which is basically scones. And in there everyone was really interested in what our name badges were and what we did etc. Then this man asks us if we teach people how to pray. And we replied that we did. Then he was like, okay, pray right now. So I was like...um...well..and I started to explain how we pray and then he starts praying at me in Arabic and Latin...WHAT THE CRAP?? It was so weird.
    12. This Saturday we went to Szekesfehervar for a baptism! de Vries Elder had taught the man getting baptized so we went to see the baptism.  It was super great! He is such a nice man. Super awesome volt.
    13. This last P-Day we went on a hike to a watch tower. It was cool. I will send pictures.
    14. So on the way back from Szekesfehervar, we stopped by a member's grandma's house. She insisted we call her Oma. She is the coolest woman ever. Best neni ever. I don't even know how to explain, she was just so dang funny!
    15. Oh hahaha I spoke this week in church! I think it went pretty well. I made a lot of jokes and everyone laughed about them, so that was nice hahaha. It went well I think.
    16. During church we got to talk in Primary! SO MUCH FUN. We only have one primary kid, but it was so much fun just being there. I miss Primary SO BAD. Also, I don't know if I ever said this, but please tell the Primary kids thank you for the letters that I got! They made my day! I am so late on that, bocs!
    Well that was my week! I hope your next week will be good! I love you all so much and I am so glad to be here and I just love you all so much :) I hope everything is well with everyone!
       Sok szeretettel,
            Neely Elder
P.S. The reason we are emailing on Tuesday is because there is a little mini transfer this week, but all of us are staying the same, so no worries! :)


Party. O.K.

Wild puppies, scared Elder?


You find weird things here in good old Magayrorszag.

Gnome. Shout out to Shalei!


My new warm coat!

Nice view of the space ship.

Nice old stairs.


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