Monday, September 30, 2013

Sziasztok! Hogy vagytok? Remelem, hogy minden jo veletek!  ( Hello, how are you? I hope that all is good with you.)  {As close as I can figure with Google translate}

     This week has been really good. Like really good. We have been working a lot and that has been crazy.  We have been doing a lot of work. Also, it has been raining all the time now a days! I like it though.  I bought a hoodie and IT IS SO SOFT. Oh my goodness I love it so much. Also, we now wear scarves and de Vires Elder and I have matching Bacsi hats :) It keeps us warm, and we look classy!
     Oh and I have a question: is my laptop still in existence? That would be nice if it was. Just a thought. Also, could I ask you a favor? Could you somehow send me some of my Christmas sheet music?  I knew I should have brought it. Guess what, there is someone here who plays the violin, so that would be really nice if I am here for Christmas.
     Speaking of Christmas. I have already made my companion break out his Motab Christmas music, because I WANT CHRISTMAS TO COME SO BAD IT HURTS. We are both really excited for it. It will be so good. We will go caroling (because that is actually a super effective way of finding people to teach) and we will drink ALL THE HOT CHOCOLATE and it will be beautiful.
     Yes, I got Grandma and Nanny's letters. Please tell them hello and that I love them.
     This week has been crazy and hectic and great all at the same time. I am really excited for this week as well, because we will be meeting with some really awesome new people. I am looking forward to it.
     I hope you all have the best of weeks and I hope that everything goes uber super well with all of you! For now I leave you with some of my new favorite words of advice taken from the glorious hymn book: "Be Thou Humble."
     I love you all!! I am so glad to be here and I am glad to miss all of you!
     Shout out to all of those friends of mine that are going on missions! Yay to all of you!
     Sok szeretettel,
            Neely Elder
P.S. sorry no pictures this week =(

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