Monday, September 16, 2013

     This week has been really good. de Vries Elder and I have kicked it into high gear. We worked our butts off this last week and we have seen progress! We have accomplished a lot this week. The thing that I love about de Vries Elder most, though, is that he still has fun. I love having fun with that kid. We have a good time :)
     I am so glad to hear that Jade wants to serve a mission! It is so worth it! Every minute! That is such exciting news! Encourage people to support him and their family! If there is one thing that I have learned out here it is that we have to just love everyone. Be patient with everyone. Help everyone.
     It has been cloudy/ raining in Sopron for like 8 days straight. I love the rain, but this is getting kind of lame. I am glad that St. George got rain though, that is nice :)  I am also really excited for Fall and I am super pumped to start buying winter clothes. Hurrah!!
     Guess what?? There is only like four months until we get to skype!! Woohoo!! I look forward to that a lot. It will be so great. I MISS ALL of my family!! Tell them all hello and that I love them and miss them all!!
     We have been pretty normal this week. We had the other Elders over for dinner the other night and I made Paprikas Csirkes (LOL I have no idea if that is spelled right at all).  It was super good if I do say so myself! Also: The Browns are super awesome. They are great! We have taken them out finding a couple of times this week and they have gone with us to a few programs. It has been really fun. They are both super kind to us.
     Twice this week I have bore my testimony more than I ever have before...I don't really know how to explain it. I feel very blessed, because...that is like the first time that I have felt the Spirit that strong. I don't know how to explain it other than to say that it was a miracle and it was an amazing experience.  The Lord has blessed me so much. It is rather ridiculous. I feel so blessed to be here, to serve Him. I as so grateful that I get to do this.
     I love you all so much and I am sorry this is like the lamest letter ever, but I will talk to you next week!
         Sok szeretettel,
             Neely Elder
Tabling adventures! A random guy stopped and started playing his steel guitar/banjo thing. Super funny!
So one of our investigators prayed the other day that we would give up coke. So we are giving up coke and we asked Giacalone Elder if he would take it off our hands for us.

I LOVE this pekseg. (bakery [pronounced pay-k-shey-g]) SO MUCH!
 I made this!

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