Monday, September 23, 2013

He's Back! Love the craziness.

Becker Elder, Neely Elder and Giacalone Elder in the Browns car.
     This week has been pretty darn good. To be honest though...I didn't write much down and now I forgot a lot! I will revert to list form and try to remember things:

1. We have been doing a lot more finding (usually in the form of "tabling") with the Browns. It is always so much fun! They are fearless with talking to people and we have had quite a bit of success with them. So Yay for the Browns! We love Senior Missionaries!

2. We went to Szombathely this Sunday for District Confrence. It was super great! We got to hang out with a girl named Laura from the states that is living here in Sopron as a nanny type of person and is super cool and with a member and with a few investigators and friends and members and just party it up on the train ride. It was super nice. We had lunch and we just had a really good time being with friends and also the meeting was fantastic! We preformed a musical number with VERY LITTLE practice and it all went quite magnificently.

An absolutely terrible picture of all of us on the Train to Szombathely.
3. It is so phenomenal to be in Sopron with the Giacster! LOL I mean Giacalone Elder. We (all four Elders) do a lot of team finding and it is both fun and effective! Sopronis seriously on fire.  Not literally, that would be bad. METAPHORS ARE REAL.

4. As you can tell I am in a weird mood. Last night I went to bed and like konked out so hard. However, after this we (Giacalone and I) will be getting a haircut, so that will be fun!

5. My hands are cold.

6. Speaking of the cold, the cold is coming! A hideg JON. We are going to get me a jacket real soon here.

7. I got your letter! The driving record fiasco is now over and all is well!

Like I said, I kind of forgot everything that happened this week. Next week I will do better I promise! I love you all so much and I am so grateful to call you my family and I am so grateful to be here in Hungary and even more grateful to be in Sopron!!
    Sok szeretettel,
           Neely Elder

Hungary always has the best graffiti. Seriously!
We had fun with some piegons at the train station.
A candid shot of deVries Elder.

I went on splits this week and found this terrifying
dungeon  underneath a 10 story. It was creepy!

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