Wednesday, January 21, 2015

1-19-15 FAST.


Sorry, this will be the fastest email ever. Sorrynotsorry.

1. Our investigators are rocking it. They are rocking all sorts of socks and everything. They are progressing and making a lot of changes, which is hard for them, but they are doing good. We have three people that are on track to be baptized and they are surrounded with so many miracles it is insane. We love them so much.
2. So my actual birthday was super good as well. I have had so many cakes this week I never want cake again. It was super nice though. I also got a super cool wallet thing from a cool member here! Cool.
3. Went on splits this week with Elders Weaver and Watson. It was fun to be back with them again and it was super crazy. They have both progressed so much and that is awesome! They have gotten so much better from the last time I was with them.
4. We had Zone Training this week. That was so good. Our zone is on fire and the training went super well. We also ordered Indian food out so that was nice.
5. We also met with a new girl and she accepted a baptism challenge the first program and a baptism date in the second program. Crazy cool!
6. We went on a trip to Hodmezovasarhely on Saturday. That was fun! We met with a bunch of members and investigators there. It was fun. But kind of tiring.
7. Sunday was beautiful. We found a family. Life is beautiful.

I am a happy boy. I love you all so much. There is still so much for me to do here. I love you all so much. I will let you know what happens with Transfers next week :)

All the loves,
    Neely Elder.
We went to a hipster gallery.

Birthday Lunch.

Post-Zone-Training Lunch


Elders Neely and Whiting.

Watching coats with a member??

Mystery mobile. NBD.

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