Wednesday, January 21, 2015

1-12-15 Birthday Wishes.


First off, I just wanted to tell everyone thank you for the birthday wishes. It really and truly made my day (s/o azoknak, akik tudnak hasznalni Google Fordito, es azoknak akik viselike Csillagok Haboruja polot, es azoknak akik lognak a szekrenyben, es azoknak akik kuldenek nekem uzenetet a szulinapomra). You are all the best.

This week has been so so so miraculous. Like, I can't even. We have seen so many miracles and it has been the best week of my mission so far.

We are teaching this family. They are so cute and so good and they have experienced so many miracles. So many. It honestly makes my day to just be with them. Last night we met and we asked them how they know these things are true and the woman said, "one night I prayed and asked God to give me a sign. To let me know if I should continue on this path. That night I received my answer. I know I am where I need to be." You could say I was happy.

Other things from this week:
* A less active member telling us he never wants to meet with us again. Okay. Cool
* Talking about eternal marriage with the above family and them starting to plan how they are going to travel there.
* A man telling us that rubbing tea-tree oil on your face will clear up our acne. Thanks?
* Streeting an American and his Turkish friend. WE WANT THEM TO BE OUR FRIENDS.
* We had a party this week. As in, the branch put on a party and it was popping. It was crazy. But super fun and we actually got a lot of success from it. Super cool. We didn't dance, but the temptation was real!

So that was basically my week. The only other thing is that this week, we made pumpkin pie from was a success.

Love you all from the bottom of my heart,

Neely Elder.
Why is there a razor on the bus?

Don't get in a car crash kids. The paper work is ridiculous.

Elder Whiting and I!


The Buli.

Elder Neely.

Umbrella probs.

The other Elders had a baptism this week!

Pretty sunset in Szeged.

Our pumpkin pie we made from scratch!

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