Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Dear Dears,
     This week has been super....sad. Good, but sad. We had a bunch of programs and things, but we all said farewell to Elder Rae. I am going to miss him a super ton, but he is off to crazy good things.
     With that being said, TRANSFERS HAPPENED. I am staying here in Szeged and getting Elder Nyman as my companion! I have heard cool things about him, so it should be super cool. I am excited.
     This week, I have two highlights: 1. The Open House for the new chapel here in Szeged went SO WELL. We had such a blast and we got so much success out of it. So many people were interested and so many people want to meet with us. YAY. 2. We got fed by two members this week and they are my favorite. IDK how to explain it, but it was so happy and I had the best time and the food was delicious.
     Sorry this sucks, but I have to go! Time is flying so fast. I love you all so much,
              Neely Elder.
One of the sweet members sent me a video that Elder Neely was asked to make for the Open House. It is on YouTube, just type it in exactly and it should work. Sorry I tried to set it up as a link but I couldn't get it to work.
Go to YouTube, then type: Egy Mormon Vagyok, es Boldog Vagyok!
It was fun to see and hear him play again!!

Some awesome members we dinnered with.

Bathroom selfie at the open house (long funny story!)

A cool member, Dio. At the open house.

Nyilt Nap and some of the things we did therein.

The Nyilt Nap

Playing tennis with our investigator that will be baptized next

Neely Elder and Ricsi!

Elders' Giacalone and Neely

People we met at Stake Conference.

Sister Geroly and Neely Elder.

The bus party to Stake Conference.

The Handball match.

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