Thursday, June 19, 2014

Super Cool!!

Dear errbody,
     This week has been pretty good. And also pretty sucky sometimes. We got dogged (when someone doesn't come to a program) a lot this week and we thus had to do a lot of finding, which is usually not too terrible, but this week everyone was being super rude. We tracted a street that we have nick-named "The street from HELL", because everyone is from Satan and just yells at us and calls the cops on us. I mean seriously people, what is the worst I could do? Outside of that though, this week has been beautiful for a couple of reasons.

      1. This week I went on splits with Elder S. He was with us in Kaposvar. I love him! It was probably the greatest day ever. It was just super cool. While on that split we went and visited a cool guy that we had planned to go back to. He is probably the coolest being on the planet. We went and visited with him and it was just so cool! I like him a lot and I am super excited to teach him more.
      2. This next week will be the first baptism that will happen with one of my investigators!! I am so excited for her. She is easily the most stellar person in the world. So cool. I am so excited for her. She is walking into that water with full confidence and she will be the best member ever. So cool. I will tell you more next week :)
      3. We also met with R. He is super cool. He knows everything and he only now needs to make the decision to be baptized or not. It was super cool, because I felt prompted to do something kind of different than I usually do. We are making this the R. week. We are talking to him everyday and he is reading and praying everyday for an answer. Then on Wednesday we are fasting together and on Thursday we are meeting and he is going to decide then. He accepted the challenge and the cool thing is that I feel really calm about all of it. Usually I am excited or nervous, but this time...I am just calm and I know whatever happens will be what the Lord wants. I is a super weird, but cool feeling.
      The last thing that I want to share with you guys is a quote that really helped me this week. I was talking with Elder P. that I served around in Kecskemet. We are good friends and we were just talking and he told me, "Some people are blessed to have a lot, some people are blessed to have less." I don't know why exactly, but that helped me a lot. I feel blessed to have less. I have not had ridiculous amounts of "success" on my mission, but I am blessed to have less. I feel like I am doing good. I love the Lord, I love the work, I love all of you. I love everything :)
         Have a great week everybody!
               Sok szeretettel,
                     Elder Neely.
Sports Nap!

I climbed a tree during Sports Nap with the Sisters! It was
super fun! I didn't even know I could do it!

This week I made rolls!!!!!! And homemade jam!! I am turning
into a housewife! But I love it! They turned out great!

We discovered that there is a possibility that we have bedbugs,
so we took preventive measures, which makes it look like we
are preforming witchcraft.

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