Monday, April 28, 2014

Nice...A Pig Head!

Hello everybody!
     Sorry about last week. Things were crazy busy and I ran out of time. I am doing so good! Way better than last week. Last week was kind of poopie. IDK why. This week was about the same, but I felt better about it at least :) I miss all of you so much! I AM EXCITED FOR MAY 11TH.
     This week has been pretty dang good. So funny stories from last week. We tried to make pancakes with buttermilk, but we didn't have buttermilk, so we just replaced it with milk and a little vinegar. I put waaaaaaay too much vinegar and the vinegar here is 20%. SO STRONG. So, basically our pancakes tasted like a disgusting form of orange chicken.
     This week we visited a new lady. She is so cool! She is so prepared. We really like her. She has a super cool family. Her husband is a helicopter pilot. Cool, right?
     This week we also set up an appointment to meet with a member here. Our appointment was for like 9 am. So we get to the branch house and we are waiting and at about 9:15, we text him and ask him if he is coming. Then we get all of these random texts that just don't make a whole lot of sense. In the end he doesn't come. So on Saturday, we get a call from him. He thought that we were his girlfriend texting him from a different phone. AWKWARD. He was super confused, but it was funny. We laughed a lot and then we met on Saturday. He is seriously the greatest ever. Probably one of my favorite people ever.
     This week there was also a baptism! "E" got baptized! She was actually taught a lot by my former companion, Mullen Elder! It was super cool. I had to give a talk on the Holy Ghost. It was super terrifying, but it went really well. At the end of the whole shabang, she was asked to bear her testimony, at a whim. She got up there and it was just spectacular. She did so good. She is such an amazing girl. We are all so impressed with how much she has changed. She really has changed to follow Jesus Christ. Amazing. Miracle.
     The rest of the week was just good.
     Oh. This drunk guy came up to us and tried to tell us how we were just here to "**** with people". Then he invited us to join his secret cult to kill all of the Romanians. Then he gave us a bag. What was in the bag? A pig head. WHAT. WHY. WHY IS THERE A PIG HEAD IN THIS BAG. WHY DID YOU GIVE IT TO ME. He told me to make some soup.
     Adventure. It happens in the Hungary lands :)
     The Mission. This last week was my year mark. I look back at my year and I realized that this mission is worth it. This week we had a program and one of my investigators asked me why I came on a mission. I answered with this answer that is true, "I knew it was a good thing, so I did it." Something I have learned is that faith is a real thing and faith is pretty crazy. I came on a mission, because I knew I should, because it was a good thing, because it was something that I could do to give back to Heavenly Father. I didn't realize it, but I was exercising faith. It is the same thing that we ask our investigators to do every time we ask them to be baptized. They don't know everything. They don't understand everything, but they know it is a good thing and they act in faith. The great thing about this, is that God is perfect and when we exercise faith in Him, He will not let us down. I came on a mission and it has been so worth it. It has been ever so worth it. I look back at every moment and every person I have tried to help and all of the people I love. All of them. It is worth it. If you are wondering if you should serve a mission, the answer is YES! If you can and you feel it is right, come. It is worth it :)
       I hope you all have a fantastic week! Keep doing good things! I love you all!
          Sok szeretettel,
             Neely Elder.
"E's" Baptism!!

The pig head in the trash can.

The t-shirts we got for doing the Volcano
challenge at Gringos Amigos :) Holy cow.
SO. HOT. But we did it!

The things that we have to do to give people a Book of
Mormon. jaj.

"L's" orchard. Cherry trees for days.

Some finomsag that I had to celebrate my year mark!

I finished the Hungarian Book of Mormon on my
year mark. :)

Chicken butchering we attended at one of our
programs. #welcometoHungary.

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