Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Jo Napot Kivanok Onoknek!

Jo Napot Kivanok Onoknek!
     So, this week has been really language centered. So I wanted to share a little culture with you. Here in Hungary, they show respect to people they are not familiar with or to older people by formalizing them. So today here is a little taste of a normal conversation we have on the street (translated from Hungarian) with a typical Bacsi (older gentleman):
Us: "Good day I wish to him!"
Him: "Good day I wish back to him!"
Us: "Can we ask for a moment from him?"
Him: "They certainly can. How are they doing?"
Us: "We are very good. How does it please him to feel himself?"
Him: "He feels himself well. Who are they?"
Us: "We are missionaries. Does it please him to hear about the Mormons?"
Him: "Do they attend the new white church on Nyiri street?"
Us: "Yes. That is our church building."
Him: "I have attended your services before."
Us: "Really? We rejoice to that! Was it pleasing to him?"
Him: "It pleased him."
Us: "We rejoice to that. Does it please him to meet with us to learn more about our church?"
Him: "No. Onto the next seeing I wish to them!"
Us: "We wish it back to him!"
                 Hungarian. Fun.
     Hahahahah, yeah, but this week we saw General Conference in Hungarian! It was cool, because six months ago, I sat and watched one of the sessions (just one) in Hungarian and did not understand hardly any of it, but six months later, I watched all of the sessions (well, five of them. We always miss one because of the time difference) in Hungarian and I understood almost all of it! It was so cool to see how far I have come. Yay for progress!
     I did not get transferred this week. Weaver Elder and I are staying together! We are pretty excited about it. Also, there are a lot of good restaurants we want to go eat at :)
    Our investigators are doing good! There is one that really stands out this week. He is doing so good! He had a complete turn around. He came to two sessions of Conference (almost unheard of here, even for the members!) and he is just doing so well. He came in the other day and brought in a bag and what was in it? A VIOLIN!!! So I played a lot of music and it felt so good, and it was just so much fun. SUCH A GOOD TIME :)
     Atkinson Nover is getting transferred, and we are getting a Hungarian sister here! She is from Szombathely (Some-bah-t-hey). We are excited for that!
     I am tripping all sorts over the fact that my year mark is coming up so soon. WHERE DID THE TIME GO THIS IS CRAZY. So weird. I am really excited though. It is weird. I look forward to going home, but I am also dreading it, you know? Missions are probably the weirdest thing in the world, because you miss people so hard, but you love people here so hard and you just find that your heart learns to reside in two places. How is that even possible? I don't know. I just know that I love it here and I love the people I have met so much.
     This week has otherwise been kind of lame. I mean, good as far as our work goes, just kind of normal. Nothing exciting. Just normal. Nothing crazy. This week will be more interesting, because we will be going to Szeged! I will get to hang out with Barna and Giacalone!! I am excited :)
     One of the things I learned from Conference is that we are capable of change, because of Jesus Christ! That is a MIRACLE. We can change. We can literally look at ourselves and make ourselves something different. I have many things I still need to change and get better at, but it is possible. Mi kepesek vagyunk erre! A thought coupled with that is a scripture I found the other day. It is from 1 Chronicles 28:20 "Be strong and of good courage and DO IT."  Just do it Nike :) We can do this.
     I hope everything is going super well with all of you! I love you all so much! Have the best week ever!
         Sok szeretettel,
             Neely Elder.
P.S. I wait with much love for May 11th, because you definitely did get jipped last year :)
New shirts that Elder Weaver and I got :)

Elder Meek! The new missionary here in the Kecski-lands.

The new buses here have nice little seat belts for my legs!

Cinnamon Rolls that Weaver Elder made. (annyira ugyes a fiu)

Toilet we found while tracting. We find weird stuff whilst tracting.

Strange wall paper we found while tracting.

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