Friday, May 9, 2014

I hate being sick!!

Dearest family,
      This week was kind of the worst week ever, because I WAS SICK. I HATE BEING SICK. However, being sick at home is not the worst, because you know you can just lay down, watch a movie, go on YouTube, just relax, but on a mission you can only lay down and feel like crap and then feel bad that you can't go out and work and meet with people. It is the worst!
      Anywho. This last week sucked, but this week looks like it is going to be great! We just met an Irish girl here studying music, so that is awesome :) We plan on meeting with her.
      This week we got to meet with one of the member families. It was so much fun! The members here are seriously, just the bees knees. They are so great it is ridiculous. I love the members here. And they are so helpful! It was great.
      This week we also got to meet with a new family. So a member gave us a referral and we set up with them and went on over. So we walk in and it turns out that the whole family met with the missionaries WHEN HUNGARY FIRST OPENED TO MISSIONARY WORK! That is FOREVER ago. It was super cool though, because they were like, "We loved the missionaries, but then they just kind of stopped coming over and we never knew why." We are super excited about it :)
     Well, that is about it for my week! Insert a lot of sleeping time trying to get over this horrendous cold and that was how my week went! But this week looks great.
     Sorry this email is the lamest, but we will TALK SOON!!!
        I love you all so much!
            Sok szeretettel,
              Neely Elder.
A man riding a unicycle, by the ward building.

Cool house covered in green.

An abandoned coke machine in the middle of nowhere.
In case you were wondering, it didn't work.

Bush with shoes in it......?

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