Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sunday a day of miracles!

Oh boy,
     Well. We got our transfer calls! I am staying in Kecskemet and I will be receiving Elder Weaver. He was my Kicsi in the MTC. THIS IS CRAZY! It actually isn't that crazy, but definitely is nothing like what we were thinking. Like, I never guessed it. Weird. I am so excited!
     So that is that. Tomorrow, we will be going up to the Buda lands and picking up our new companions and going to our areas. Crazy town USA.
     This week was so good. It has been so dang good. I need to be fast though, because I don't have a ton of time this week. So list time!

  •  This week we taught our investigator at Bishop's house. It went so well. The cool thing was that he got to see a cute little family living by the Gospel standards and how well that blesses their lives. It was super cool. 
  • This week in Angol Ora we kind of had a civil war. LOLOLOL it was awkward. There is a really good English speaker in my Halado class and the others kind of got mad at him for taking up all of the time. So awkward. Now everything is better though.
  • We had Zone Conference. So cool. We heard from President and Sister Dyches of the Seventy. It was super cool and they gave us a lot of great advice and help.
  • At Zone Conference, I was able to reunite with all of my previous companions (besides Mullen) and see all sorts of friends from my mission. It was soooooo awesome. I love those people so much. It felt so awesome to be a part of the missionary force and to just be with all of these people that I love so much. It was super awesome to sit by Barna and de Vries and see almost everyone from my MTC group and just. It was a beautiful moment. I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to get to know so many great people here.
  • This week we taught our investigator. We had planned to teach her the Plan of Salvation, but all of a sudden the Spirit totally took over and we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The amazing thing was that the whole time, both Giacalone Elder and I would speak and then when we didn't know what to say, the other would begin talking. The Spirit guided us and we knew what to say and how to say it and when to say it and it was amazing. It was such a cool program.
  • While we were at the bus station we saw a kid standing alone. Both Giacalone Elder and I felt prompted to talk to him. Then we did. Nothing happened, we haven't seen him since, but we followed the Spirit and we believe something good will come of it.
  • On Sunday, we looked at our goals and were a bit disappointed that we would not be able to accomplish them. Some of our programs just fell through and we weren't going to be able to get it. Then all of a sudden Sunday became the day of miracles. Four of our investigators came to church, a family called us and asked us if they could meet with us, a lady randomly showed up to church and asked to meet with us. It was a Sunday of miracles.  
     So this week has been super cool. I as so grateful to be a missionary! I am excited for this next transfer and to see what blessing it will hold! I love you all so much and I hope you have the best week ever! 
        Sok szeretettel,
             Neely Elder.
Giacalone Elder and I ate away our transfer anxiety
with McDonald's #FAT.

There was a holiday celebrating a revolution that
happened a long time ago. So the statue was decorated.

Fun times at the Zone Conference.

After meal chilling at the Gringos.

Little kids slide down this thing, so I tried it out.
It was super fun!

Selfie in the Gringos bathroom. 

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