Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Elephants in Hungary?

      Everything is going pretty smoothly, I guess. This week was actually kind of terrible. It just sucked, because a bunch of our appointments dogged us, so we had to just tract and street, which is just not the funnest. My new companion is from Logan UT. We also have a set of Sister missionaries and another set of Elders. One of the elders is a Zoldi :) So he is just brand spanking new.
     Our investigators are doing good. They are progressing, so that is cool. I am really glad to get to stay here in Kecskemet and continue working with them.
     Spring has sprung, that is for sure!! So yea, so have my allergies. It hasn't been too bad yet, but it is coming.
     So I got to meet the Steels! (They are a senior couple from St. George)  They are so cool, I hope I get to serve with them sometime!
     It is so cool to hear about your guys' adventures and what you have planned. Guess what? Another Skyping session is coming up soon!! YEAH!! Wow that went fast, didn't it?
     Speaking of fast: My year mark is coming up super soon. That is ridiculous. So crazy.
     Yeah so for this week, things that happened: Transfer day was super weird. It was the first time when  1. None of my previous companions were there :(  2. Most of the missionaries that were there were younger and I didn't know them. Crazy. It was so weird. Then I picked up Elder W. and we got on a train with the Szeged Missionaries. Well, the train got stuck in the station for FOUR HOURS. We got on the train at 2:53 and we left the station at  6:45. It was the worst. We had to have the Sisters take over all of the English classes that night. Shout out to the Sisters: You done good!
     This week the Circus also came to town, so what did we get to see? Elephants. Weird. Elephants in Hungary. Who would have guessed?
     Church was just funny in general. In the middle of Priesthood meeting, a member's little boy came in and yelled the Hungarian equivalent of, "DADDY DADDY!! I NEED TO PEEEEEE!" It was super funny. I was dying.
     Then all of a sudden in came a missionary that previously served in Hungary. I had heard a lot about her from Elder B. They served together in Debrecen. She was super cool. It was so nice to just talk to an American! :)
     Sunday was also Elder P. birthday! So we had the other Elders and the Sisters over and had dinner together! I made Paprikas Csirke (my specialty) and it was SO DANG GOOD. I am super proud of myself ;)
     So, yeah, that was our week :) It was pretty lame, but also good. So, have a good week and we will too! I love you all so much and I hope you have the best of weeks!
          Sok szeretettel,
              Neely Elder.
Shot of Sister Kennedy coming to church.

The elephant's!
This awesome picture was sent to Mom by
Sister Kennedy, she made my day!!

Giacalone and I got stuck in the Bike Car of the train LOL it
is a prison!

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