Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Darth Vader and Company!

Hello Everyone!
     Wow. This week. This week has been pretty dang good. Kecskemet is a pretty big town. The biggest I have ever served in. IT HAS A WARD. It is super weird to have a fully functioning ward here. It is even better than some wards in the states. Crazy town. When I came we didn't have a lot of investigators, maybe like five or six, but in our first week together Gaicalone Elder and I found five new people to teach. Booyah! We are a super good pair :) It is super weird coming into a companionship and NOT having to get to know my companion, but it was nice, because we got to just dive into our work.
      Okay. So when we got the call that both Elder B. and I would be leaving, we were super upset. We had taken a place that had almost 0 work and we had made our own work. We had such amazing investigators and I had really fallen in love with Kaposvar and the people. It was terrible. Beyond that we had RIDICULOUS amounts of work. Our investigators were also really linked to us. One of our investigators was about to be baptized and we thought if we left that we would totally loose her. I truly doubted. However, I knew that President Smith was my leader and I needed to sustain and support him, even though I really hated it, I accepted the call. Well, the second day in Kecskemet I got a call from Elder S. in Kaposvar.(that had replaced me)  He asked me to do him a favor. He had me look up a lady in our area book, where he had served before. It turns out to none other than our investigator that I was so worried about. Elder S. had taught her before she moved to Kaposvar, and knew more about her than Elder B. and I ever did. It was right then that I realized that my President truly was inspired. Because the Lord knew that the person our investigator needed to meet with was Elder S. It wouldn't have worked any other way. It was a truly humbling experience and I realized that I need to support and sustain my leaders and have faith that they are truly inspired from the Lord. It was a really cool thing. It was a beautiful experience.
      I love the people that I have met here so much. They are my best of friends and I have never felt quite so close to people as I have to these people that I get to teach and love. The Lord really likes to bless me :)
      This transfer has started off so well! We are seeing many miracles already! We sat down our first night and made goals and decided we wanted to work to our full potential and just do as much as we can and be as obedient as we can. It is super exciting. I love it so much. We have already started to see cool things. For instance:

  • Tabling two American exchange students who might be interested in learning about the Gospel :)
  • Streeting the other night and running into Darth Vader and Company. OMG I GOT PICTURES WITH THEM AND IT WAS THE COOLEST THING EVER I AM SENDING PICTURES.
  • We had and amazing program with a guy. We talked to him about baptism and invited him to be baptized and after a lot of talking and a lot of question, he said yes, when the time is right :)
  • Having a random guy show up to church and ask if he can meet with us to talk about the true church.
  • Having a lady walk up to us and ask if we could teach her family English and she gladly accepted us talking about our religion.

      It is super cool. This week I also found out/realized something. So I always thought that the Gift of Tongues meant that you would be able to speak your language. That you would be able to learn and use the language perfectly. Maybe that is how it works with some people, but for me I learned that it works that if I study and I try my hardest, then in the moments that matter, I will be able to say something and the person will understand it, and feel it. That is what is IMPORTANT. Besides that, Giacalone and I are pretty dang good at Hungarian and it is super fun to just be co-seniors and struggle our way through missionary life:)
     I love everything. I am so happy to be a missionary right now. The Lord is behind this work and super cool things are happening. I love you all so much and I hope you all have the best week in the world.
      Sok szeretettel,
             Neely Elder.
Me and Darth Vader. I pulled out my light saber and we fought.

Elder G. in his MTC robe. #memories.

A delicious Mexican Restaurant. Like Cafe Rio.

Our new Sign for English Class.

Elder Brown and I on our last day :(

Elder Mullen and I on his last day of his mission :(

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