Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Language Mishaps!

Hello Everyone,
      Mission life is good right now. We are getting pretty well settled in the new building, but it is hard for some of the members to find it. Don't worry, we are getting some pictures today, so those should be coming soon. BTW, I probably didn't make it to clear, we are still in our same apartment, just our meeting house changed. So we are still in the same place. That is cool :) I like our apartment now. It is really nice. The weather is SO NICE NOW. Like, we had snow a couple of days ago, but now almost all of it is gone. HALLELUJAH. It has apparently been a really mild winter (thank goodness).
      This week, we were getting ready and someone rang our csengo (bell) and I thought it was the other Elders, so I let them in and said, "Gyertek fiuk" through the little voice box. Turns out, it was not the other Elders. Super funny. Some random guy was trying to get into the building for the letters or whatever and I just said to him "come on in boys!" LOLOLOLOL.
      This week I had quite a few language mishaps hahahahaha. The above is one of them, but this week I also called this lady and I was going to say I would call her back, but I said, "vissza foglak fogni" which translates to "I am going to hold back" lolololol. Then, I was trying to street a man by asking him for a moment, and I instead asked him, "Kerhetek egy palacsintara?"= "Can I ask for a pancake?" LOLOLOL.
      This week I also needed to get a hair cut. We went to my usual hair lady and she wasn't there.  We went back because Elder B. was sick, but then we remembered we wanted to go look up a past investigator. So we turned back and sure enough we ran into my hair lady lol. So there are little nice miracles like that as a missionary :)
      Cool lesson this week: We meet with this way awesome family. They are so nice. This week they showed us a video of a pig butchering, which is really popular to do here in Hungary. Super gross. Almost threw up. Super Nasty. So much blood. Then later this week they fed us and we ended up sharing a really cool message about families and it was awesome. Then later this week while on splits with Elder S., we also taught another family. At the end we shared why we were here on a mission, ad our testimonies of the Book of Mormon. Way powerful Spirit. That is my favorite thing to do here on a mission. Bearing my testimony about the Book of Mormon, because I know it is true. It is such a cool thing.
       Sunday, we still had to do some work and we decided that we would go and look up people that said they wanted us to come back and teach them. So we went to all of them (eight in total) and every single one denied us. Every single one that is ridiculous. So then we decided to just turn around and go back. On the way, it started to rain. Pretty dang hard. Then we walked by a man in a wheelchair. We asked if we could help him. He said yes ad we wheeled him to his homeless shelter that he lived in. It was over a kilometer, but it felt nice to serve him. As we were walking back, both Elder B. and I thought that maybe the reason no one answered and no one was interested was because Heavenly Father needed us to help one of his children. If he had gone home by himself, it would have taken him probably 3 or 4 hours to get home. Heavenly Father knew he needed help, so he had his servants come to the rescue through a route of failure.
     So this week I learned that sometimes Heavenly Father has a plan for all the weird things that happen to you. When everyone is rejecting you and when you end up at random boardgames parties, He has a plan. There is a reason. So I invite you all to look for the reasons behind things. Everything has a purpose. God is not a God of random meaninglessness. Everyting that happens, happens for a purpose.
      I love you all so much and I hope you all have the best of all the weeks in the world :) I love you all so MUCH!
       sok szeretettel,
           Neely Elder
Elder S. our new sign to give church tours.

English class, and my new mini piano. 
Elder B. put on two different shoes for the day. LOL

It rained SO HARD yesterday. Thank goodness today
is a beautiful day.

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