Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Hello everyone,
      OH YEAH. So transfers. Oh boy. Are you ready for this? Elder Brown is leaving Kaposvar and going to Szolnok. I am leaving Kaposvar and going Kecskemet WITH ELDER GIACALONE. Yup. You heard me right. We are going co-senior together! We are super excited. It will be SO MUCH FUN. However it is super sad to be leaving Kaposvar. The worst is that neither of us is staying. Which means that a new set of Elders will take our place and it will be very difficult for them to keep track of and retain our investigators. I am super sad about that, but I am willing to accept the call. It will be interesting to see what lies ahead.
     Yeah! The Bagozzis are super cool. (They are a senior couple from St. George, serving their second mission in Hungary.) I met them when Elder B. and I were up in Budapest. They are super nice. They are seriously the coolest and they do remember calling me before I got to Hungary! The first time they asked, I didn't remember, (that was a life time ago) but then I did and it was good.
      So yeah. Today has been and will be really long and crazy. We are emailing now, the Colledges are taking us out to dinner at five, we need to meet with some of our investigators to say good bye and warn them about the white washing(where they transfer both of us out) and we have English class at six and then PACKING. Oh that will be torture. And we have to leave notes for the other Elders about all of our investigators. JAJGTAS. It will be a long and hard day.
      So sadly I don't have a lot of time. I had a super long and good email planned for you, but sadly I will have to cut it short.
      We had Zone training this week. It was really good. We had it on Valentines day. hahaha. The cool thing was that we went to lunch and this was the first time that I was officially realized and respected missionary. I wasn't Mullen's Greenie anymore, I wasn't that random junior that no one knows about, I was a missionary and that was pretty cool to see.
      This week we had SPORTS NAP. GREATEST. THING. EVER. So, as you know I am not very sportsy. Like. At. All. So when we planned a Sports Day to have with our investigators and to find some new investigators(it was super successful btw. We had six new people to talk with!) I was not excited, because, you know....I can't sport. Then it came and 1. I got to run around, which is not an often happening occasion for a missionary. 2. I learned how to and quite successfully played soccer. It was super fun and I had such a good time and it was just the greatest thing ever! I loved it!
      Church was crazy. We had a high councilor come and his family came and two other families came. We had 33 at church and 12 of those were children. CRAZYNESS. Everything was just absolute chaos. But we loved every minute of it!
       So we have had a couple of failures this week with our investigators, but this week we also had some miracles.Our family that we are teaching, had us over for lunch on Sunday and it felt like we were home. They are awesome. Anyway. They all of a sudden asked us why we are here, why we would ever want to leave our families for two years and come to Hungary. We told them. We taught the Plan of Salvation. The cool thing is that there were two conversations going on at once. We were not listening to each other, but half way through, we realized we were teaching and talking about the exact same thing and all of a sudden it became one conversation, one lesson and the whole family was listening. It. Was. Beautiful. One of the most beautiful moments on my mission. Directly after that we went to another guy's house. He listened to us teach about the Restoration and he accepted everything and even agreed to be baptized! It was a miraculous day. All of that in one day. Our last day. We left Kaposvar with a really good day :) We decided that maybe we had to fail in those other circumstances and be tried to see if we would still be willing to work and to try. Since we passed, maybe the Lord saw that we were ready and so were the people and it all just fell into place. I love that. He cares about us all so much. It is just a beautiful thing.
      I hope you all have a fantastic week and I hope that you all feel all the Love that the Lord has for you. Thank you for all of your love and support!
       sok szeretettel,
          Neely Elder

Nagy Water tower.

Because we walk so much=worn out shoes.

Re-creating Meteor Gyros.

Elder Brown

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