Monday, August 5, 2013


     This past week has been pretty intense. It was Transfer week. I am super happy that Mullen Elder and I are staying together. So we got to go to into Budapest to take the other that was transfering to another place.  So I got to see Giacalone Elder and Godderidge Elder and even some of my kicsi! (from the MTC) It was super nice and fun and just plain good.
     We called a bunch of our investigators and ward members to tell them that we would be staying and one of our investigators, when she heard the news, literally screamed with joy. It was the sweetest thing. She is one of the nicest people I know.
     When we got back we showed the two new elders to their apartment. Their names are Burch Elder and Hansen Elder. Hansen Elder is actually from Leeds! So we talked about St. George a lot and people that we both know. He is stellar at the piano so we talked about music a lot as well.  It was super fun!
     The other day we were out streeting people and we walked past a boy walking with his grandma. He had his phone out and it was playing like a dance-club song or something and he was just dancing his little heart out. It was so funny! He was walking and dancing and his grandmother was just looking at him with this, "Who are you?" face. I was dying! It was so dang funny.
     So on Saturday, we got to watch the announcement that was made a long time ago.(June) Finally! It was so nice to be able to watch it. How exciting! Things are going to grow so fast now, it will be amazing!  So the down side to watching this was that it is all in Hungarian. Miracle:I understood it. I didn't understand every word they said, but I understood what they were trying to say and I understood their message and -fun fact- I could feel the Spirit just the same.  It was an amazing experience and I am so grateful that Heavenly Father sometimes gives me tender mercies like that.  I needed to understand what they were talking about and I needed to feel the Spirit at the same time. It was a miracle and a blessing indeed.
     After this festivity, we just kind of chilled with the Branch President's family for a while.  They are stellar people and they are super fun.  So the little girl of the family was drawing on the board and her brother was asking her to do something. So then she turned around slowly, glared at him and simply said, "Dolgozom." Which means, "I'm working." It was so dang funny! I was probably the only one that thought it was funny, but it was definitely funny. I laughed for a very long time.
     I am very excited. This week is really promising. We are planning on meeting with all our investigators and if things work out the way they are planned, we should have two new investigators by the end of the week. I am super stoked about it. I love these people so much and I am so honored to be able to be among them.  I am so humbled that the Lord would send me here to meet and learn about and love these people. I am honored.
     The work is beautiful. The Savior lives!  He is at the head of this work. I have no doubt about that.
     I love you all so much and I am so grateful for all of you.
         Sok szeretettel,
            Neely Elder
Everyone got Tisza bags!
Mullen Elder

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